Nashville is on ‘The Move’ – Interview with Brian Mattingly recently named Nashville a “Top Ten Hottest Spot for Families to Move To” and because of that Nashville is seeing a dramatic spike in the amount of families moving to the city. The Nashville Chamber of Commerce has reported from last year that on average, 71 people were moving to the city, per day. 

Brian Mattingly of Welcomemat Services is an expert from the world of professional moving. His company is a new mover marketing and technology company, providing loyalty marketing solutions that target families who have recently changed their address.

Because more families are moving to town, businesses both big and small are also making their way to Nashville. Welcomemat benefits both new families, as well, businesses who are new to the city through special offers from businesses to the families.

“This helps to build the loyalty between the local business and families before big-box retailers are able to,” says company founder Mattingly, who started the company with his wife Michelle in 2003. “By delivering these personalized gifts, the families new to an area are connected with local businesses, which helps to start a loyal relationship when looking for retail stores in the area. And consumers are benefitted because they will spend less time looking for new stores to shop, having already been introduced to local businesses through these personalized gifts. Their time will be saved and in addition, they can dedicate the extra time saved to further settle into the community and meet their new neighbors,” added Mattingly about his company, which has expansion plans for more Nashville area locations within the next two years.

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