3 ways how small business owners can catapult their businesses by attending trade shows

By Max Patel, June 15, 2016.

Whatever your business type, at some point you have most likely been made aware of trade shows specific to your industry. If you own a bakery, maybe you’ve been approached by Retail Bakers of America and have been encouraged to go to the International Baking Industry Expo in Las Vegas. If you own a car wash, maybe it’s the Southeastern Carwash expo. If you are a restaurant owner, maybe it’s the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago.

Just as most busy business owners, it’s often difficult to justify time away and the cost to attend a show or expo. Or, you just don’t see the value in spending your valuable time walking around an expo floor.

Here are 3 reasons why you should reconsider.

  1. Peer relationships create business growth.

Industry trade shows create a wonderful networking opportunity to connect with other peers in the same industry dealing with the same issues.

While you may be saying to yourself that “I am not a networker” or “I don’t like meeting new people”, good industry shows create unforced opportunities and environments for peer connections….bottom line its not hard.

When connectivity happens, best practices are shared, lessons are exchanged and you’ll be amazed at what you learn that you can immediate implement in your business when you return from the show.

Many organic peer groups are formed from relationships cultivated at industry shows.

2. Training…training…..training.

Most good industry trade shows for business owners offer classes, panels and roundtables that you can participate in. Whether it is training on local marketing, marketing strategies, social media, finance, human resources or staffing issues, there can be tons of nuggets to be learned from training opportunities at trade shows .

3. Re-energized for growth.

The idea of breaking away from your business for two days can be challenging, however there is nothing more refreshing than getting out of your daily environment and surrounding yourself with other like-minded people who are interested in growing their businesses.

Going to a good trade show generally becomes a re-energizer for most business owners and gives them a fresh perspective upon returning. When this happens, new ideas are implemented, you become excited again about your business, and ultimately your business grows because of it.

Trade and industry shows are business multipliers. Next time you get the email or the invite for an industry show, be sure to consider these 3 reasons before you write off the idea.

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About the author:

Max PatelMax Patel is our communications manager & helps the marketing team build campaigns & programs for business owners to get new loyal customers.