4 well kept secrets of today’s top performing restaurant brands

By Max Patel, 12 September, 2016.

Every local business owner has that “top secret ingredient” that makes his offerings different than everyone else’s. For some, that intoxicating ingredient is in the food itself. For some, it’s their unbeatable customer service. For others still, that ingredient might be an unmatchable ambiance.

This special ingredient is all the more important for local business owners who are competing against those big corporate franchise chains in their neighborhoods. At Welcomemat Services, we understand how you take pride in running everyday operations at your small business. We also understand that continuing to do this successfully becomes more and more difficult when your new competition is the national franchise down the street.

The Welcomemat Program helps local businesses connect with new movers in their neighborhood through a unique new mover marketing initiative that introduces your local restaurant to thousands of new families and individuals moving into your neighborhood every month. In other words, the program gives you a chance to make new movers your loyal customers before anyone else does—including those national franchises.

Watch a quick video to see how local restaurants like yours have benefitted from using the Welcomemat Program. Then, chat with us to gain insight into your neighborhood and how you can introduce yourself to these new movers.

We’ve compiled four well-kept secrets of successful restaurant chains that have increased sales by more than 5% in this past quarter alone. Try these tactics to maximize the success of your own business, or use them as brainstorming fodder to execute a custom marketing plan to improve your sales.

  1. Think like a startup everyday

Every day is a new day, every customer wants a new experience, and every business challenge is just an opportunity to grow. Having a startup mentality will not only make you want to achieve more but will also inject freshness in your business operations. Allow yourself to keep reaching for new achievements and finding inspiration in the space around you.

By breaking down each challenge to square one and thinking of what your customers want today—rather than how you conducted business in the past—you will soon realize you can increase your sales drastically year after year. This mentality of innovation and adaptability is just as valuable to a mom and pop store as it is to a two-generation-owned, well-settled restaurant.

  1. Cash in on the breakfast trick

Why do you think well performing national brands like McDonald’s started introducing services like full-day breakfasts and optimized breakfast menus? It is no surprise that this move prevented them from a major sales dip.

Some experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Furthermore, if a customer is pleased with your breakfast offerings, that breakfast satisfaction boosts your brand’s likeability by more than 60 percent. So, as it turns out, a good breakfast is just as important to the health of your business as it is to the health of your body!

By promoting an enticing and unique breakfast menu, restaurants can increase the likelihood that customers will return for lunch or dinner. A focus on breakfast is a proven way for restaurants to increase customer loyalty and, by association, sales.

  1. Don’t shy away from a face-lift

Gone are the days when restaurant owners used to wait at least 10 years before redesigning their restaurants. Today, more and more businesses realize that the fast-paced marketplace necessitates taking every opportunity to provide something new and different to customers. Because customers’ needs can change frequently, there’s no reason to be scared of a redesign. Even a small shift in the design of your restaurant can attract additional footfalls.

  1. Use the power of LTOs (limited time offers)

Restaurants across the country have successfully used LTOs as a way to increase sales. Customers are becoming more vocal about what they want or need from a brand. Pay close attention to your customers’ demands on social media and store feedback forms, and keep track of the latest trends. Use that data to unleash the power of LTOs to create a quick surge of new customers who could become lifelong visitors to your restaurant. If your LTOs work well, bide your time and bring them back with another strategically-crafted LTO.

We at Welcomemat services understand just how important your business is to you. As a small business owner, you often juggle many roles to keep your business running smoothly. Yet you know it is equally important to the longevity of your business to take every opportunity to boost your sales and marketing efforts.

Welcomemat amps up your business with new mover marketing and introduces you to thousands of new movers every month. Those who are new to your neighborhood are eager to find their new favorite local lunch spot. Become their favorite restaurant before somebody else does.

Chat with us today to learn about the market in your neighborhood and find out how to create your own personal Welcomemat.