Small Business Saturday

5 Simple Small Business Saturday Marketing Tips

Each year on Small Business Saturday, consumers get excited to kick off the holiday shopping season by supporting the local businesses in their neighborhood. American Express founded the shopping holiday to drive more awareness and traffic to the brick and mortar shops that keep the local communities unique and thriving. This year the holiday falls on Saturday November 24th.

With more than 30 million small businesses across the US, there are plenty of local options for shoppers – so how do you make sure that customers find your store on Small Business Saturday?

While the holiday is widely known and successful at driving local business sales, the businesses that see the most benefits are the ones that prepare and market their business for the holiday.

Here are 5 Small Business Saturday marketing tips to help you make the most of the shopping holiday this year:

1. Build a Hype on Social Media

Get customers excited for the holiday and build a buzz around your business early by starting your holiday posts in early November! Social media is a great place to document your preparations for the customer influx and showcase your special products. Entice customers by sharing any special collaborations, goodies, charity donations, or deals that you’ll be highlighting on Small Business Saturday.

2. Collaborate with Other Local Businesses

Small Business Saturday is always most successful when it’s inclusive of the whole community and showcases how tight knit the businesses and residents are. Try partnering with one or many other local businesses in the area on a collaboration. Get creative on what that looks like – maybe its offering products at each other’s store, creating a special product together, or even creating a scavenger hunt across multiple stores in the neighborhood.

3. Extend Your Hours

The holiday season is always a busy season, and consumers are becoming more and more dependent on convenience when it comes to shopping. By extending your hours a few days a week you can pick up customers that are running errands after work or out at a holiday event on the weekends. Be sure to tell shoppers about your new hours on your door, social media, website, and in person on Small Business Saturday.

4. Prioritize Great Customer Service

Customers remember great customer service, and they remember bad customer service. American Express recently came out with a study that says that 7 out of 10 US consumers are willing to spend more to do business with a company that delivers great customer service. With the influx of customers on Small Business Saturday, it’s a great time to make a great impression and build long-term customer relationships with great customer service.

5. Create A Special Experience

With busy customers trying to hit as many spots as possible be sure that your store offers something unique to keep them shopping with you longer. Think about your customer base and what would matter most to them — Maybe it’s an activity to keep kids entertained, sweets treats & drinks, hourly doorbuster deals, a selfie station, or a special workshop event. Think of ideas that will draw in more customers beforehand and on the big day as the word spreads.

6. Think About the Follow Up

Small Business Saturday is a great launchpad to gain long-term customers that will revisit your store again and again. Think about how you can stay in touch with them and continue the relationship. Consider offering a discount if customers follow you on social media and asking for email addresses to add them to an email marketing list.

Small Business Saturday is a great time to launch great local marketing campaigns that can draw in first time customers and build long-term customer relationships. Welcomemat Services is a locally focused marketing agency that helps local businesses connect and build relationships with customers in their neighborhood.

To learn more about Welcomemat and the local marketing programs that we offer CLICK HERE. Whether you’re looking for a new mover marketing program or digital marketing options, we can help you build the right plan for your business!