5 ways to get new customers

By Max Patel, June 7, 2016.

In today’s competitive environment, local business owners can be so busy running their businesses that they can quickly forget how important it is to routinely get new customers through their doors.

Here are 5 Simple Ways to Get New Customers Through Your Door.

  1. Get connected in your community.

I recently was visiting a local merchant who has been an established restauranteur in his community for nearly 10 years. His success stems from his generosity and willingness to participate in local functions. For example, anytime the local school asks him to donate food for an event such as a pep rally or for a special student event, he always agrees. While he knows it is going to cost him time and money in the short-term, he also knows it is going to help him build community support for his business in the long-term.

  1. Ask customers for reviews.

You can never have enough customer reviews to encourage those seeking out your type of business or service. You can gain new customers by showcasing those reviews on your website or through your social channels.

  1. Give a gift.

Unlike couponing, gifting can help you create sincere and long-term relationships with new potential customers. For example, giving new movers a gift when they move into your trade area can create strong bond and loyalty that will generate revenue for many years.

  1. Leverage social media.

In this modern age of communications, one of the best ways to stay connected with your audience and get new customers is to post on social media. With little understanding, you can soon realize how even a little effort into these platforms can go a long way in getting you a flow of new customers.

  1. Offer a rewards program with referral perks.

Whether it’s a paper punchcard or a modern mobile rewards platform, you can tie punches or points to customer referrals. Fostering a referral program that has a referral angle can go a long way to helping generate new customers.

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About the author:

Max PatelMax Patel is our communications manager & helps the marketing team build campaigns & programs for business owners to get new loyal customers.