5 ways to promote your local carwash business

By David Tabb, December 2, 2016.

If you are a carwash owner, you are probably struggling to manage the daily operations of your business while trying to implement marketing strategies that work. From coupons and discounts, to signs and ads, it’s hard for business owners to know what works.

Are you looking to attract new loyal customers but not sure how? You may be overlooking a crucial market segment in your community without even realizing it! Here’s how Welcomemat Services can increase the car counts entering your carwash each month.


Why Your Carwash Business Needs New Customers

An astonishing 40,000,000 or 14% of all Americans move every year. While this number does present some new opportunities for your business, you should not avoid the fact that this also means that a chunk of your current customers is moving on.

Unfortunately, customer churn affects nearly all business. As a business owner, it’s important to preserve your current loyal customer base, but you should also be one step ahead of the game-  consistently reaching out to new customers.


The Hidden Value of New Families for Your Carwash

So, who are these potential customers and how do you let them know you exist? One market segment that companies often overlook is new movers, or families that are new to the area.

New movers are a unique segment of customers because they are powerful spenders during this period of time. According to the National Association of Realtors, studies have shown that the average new family will spend more money in the first few months after their move than a family will typically spend in three to five years. This presents a significant opportunity for local businesses – a chance to introduce your business and welcome new families to the neighborhood.

Welcomemat Services will work with you to promote your carwash right here in your own neighborhood and help you reach the right customers at the right time. Here’s how:


  • You pick the areas & zip codes that you want to target
  • Each month we target a fresh new group of new families for your Carwash
  • We build a one-of-a-kind marketing piece for your Carwash that focuses on your local brand
  • We recommend the perfect “one-time” gift to invite new movers. Something like a personalized one-time offer can set you apart from your competition and give new families a reason to give you their business.
  • We report and gather insights to show you the effectiveness of your customized marketing campaign
  • We send ‘thank you for visiting’ cards to all your new customers on your behalf and with your approval
  • Know your exact customer acquisition cost for every new customer. Insights like these can help you better your marketing efforts.
  • Simple & trackable program which tells you your exact ROI
  • Try our add-on Carwash centric loyalty program- Mobile Punchcard
  • Social media promotion- We will promote your Carwash across our social media pages


Start Reaching New Customers Today

Reaching a new set of customers can be time-consuming and expensive, but by targeting the right audience at the right time, you can ensure that your carwash stays busy even after some of your current customers move away.

Get in touch with your local Welcomemat representative today and discover what our new mover marketing program can do for your business. Welcomemat Services can help you build the right marketing strategy for your local business so you can focus on running the day to day of your business.


About the Author:

David Tabb

David Tabb is our Fort Lauderdale franchise owner and is dedicated to serving the local community by helping new movers – families and individuals new to the area and local businesses thrive with a passion for seeing the local community grow.