6 Pizza Marketing Strategies that Actually Work!

Mar 2, 2021

As a direct marketing company that works with hundreds of local pizza restaurants every day, we can confidently say that we have a strong understanding of the pizza industry and what makes a pizzeria successful. And here’s the secret, having the best pizza is not the only thing that matters!

  1. Make Your Brand Stand Out

Differentiate your pizza place from the competitors. Make your business stand out from the other three on the block. Whether you use a clever business name, interesting graphics, or even humor – make your pizza branding stand out as the most memorable in the area.

  1. Go Against the Norm

Sure, it’s easy to look at your competitors and use the tools and tactics that work for them, but the best way to distinguish your pizza restaurant is to have a unique strategy. Maybe it’s using jumbo postcards & direct mail marketing in a digital world? Or a weekly Italian recipe blog? Either way, be unique with your marketing and engagement strategies.

  1. Create a Memorable Experience

Make the physical space of your pizza restaurant an experience that is unique and memorable for your customers. Experience marketing is hot on the horizon and it works because consumers remember the way they felt stronger than they remember the way your pizza tasted.

  1. Share Customer Reviews

A study found that 85% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations making reviews some of the most valuable content that you can have. Make room in your local marketing strategy for reputation management. Solicit reviews and then spread them to others in the community so that everyone in your neighborhood knows that your restaurant is best pizza spot!

  1. Send Monthly Emails

You need to proactively put your pizza restaurant in front of your customers on a regular basis – the best way to do that is to meet them where they are – and that is why email marketing is so successful. In fact, for every dollar you spend on email marketing you can expect $38 in return.

  1. Use trackable marketing tactics

With the current state of technology and our reliance on digital marketing efforts there is no excuse not to have trackable marketing tactics. Having a handle on the short-term and long-term value of each marketing efforts will help you prove ROI and save you time, money, and stress.

When it comes to setting your pizzeria up for success, making the best pizza is only part of the recipe –marketing needs to be a part of the mix as well. If you’re looking for additional support with marketing your local pizza restaurant, Welcomemat Services can help you get people through the door.

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