6 steps to increase customer loyalty

Successful Local Business Owners Follow This Checklist.

With today’s rapidly expanding demographic mix and a never ending inflow of new businesses to serve customer demands, it has become harder to run and grow a successful business. Furthermore, loyalty is the cornerstone of any local business. Building a repeat and loyal customer base requires strategic thinking and a solid game-plan.

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We at Welcomemat have put together an important checklist which serves as a “must do” for any local business or merchant to help drive customer loyalty.

The first item on the checklist is building relationship with your customers. Customers love it when they are made to feel special, cared for, and recognized.

Below is a checklist that every local business owner should consider before they have set their other marketing tools and strategies in place.

  1.   Build a relationship with you customer
  2.  Personalize their experience
  3.  Offer a solution to their problem
  4.  Think about their customer journey
  5.  Customer service is the best weapon
  6.  Appreciate their visit with a “Thank you” card


There are many other tricks too that you need to follow and stay ahead of your competition. Download our free eBook to learn about these 6 simple steps and get other useful tips for your local business.