7 ways to prevent employee workplace fraud

By Max Patel, 13 July, 2016.

There are two main areas where your employees or staff can inflict financial harm on your business: either by stealing your hard-earned money or by stealing your product offerings.

While every business is different, you can prevent the loss of close to $50,000 per year on average if you are early to prevent employee fraud at your workplace.

Here are 7 ways you can identify employee fraud and take steps to prevent it before it even happens:

Note all high-risk areas and trends

High-risk areas and trends like cash stations or the business practice of allowing waiters/staff to issue refunds and handle cash. Once you have these areas identified, it will be much easier to come up with a plan to monitor & prevent fraud.

Train managers to run & review daily reports

Your managers and cashiers should be trained well to share & review reports and daily transactions for activities that carry a high potential for fraud. This practice will soon reap you financial benefits and help prevent business fraud.

Get more involved with your finances

Take personal interest in financial reports & transactions of your business. If you question & cross check every unfamiliar transaction, there is a higher chance of you preventing any kind of fraud at your work place.

Do random checks throughout the workday

As a small business owner, it will be beneficial if you perform random checks of your registers & checks throughout the day to identify any irregularities & make note of trends to prevent them.

Be strict about fraud with employees

Employee mistakes are bound to happen on a busy day. However, there is a difference when mistakes become a trend & thus are identified as fraud. If all your employees know beforehand that you have zero tolerance for dishonesty & have a system in place, everyone will exercise extreme caution when dealing with important matters.

Cashless payments can help reduce risk

To note, most frauds occur with cash transactions at a business establishment. As a result, recent times are seeing more and more businesses set up online ordering and payments to increase cashless business transactions. If you can implement a cashless method of payment for your customers, for example, providing them with the option to make payments online, through an app or via their credit cards, your chances of financial fraud will be greatly reduced.

Keep an account of all your business assets & inventory

Conduct daily inventory counts & reports to manage your inventory, stock & operational products. This way you can also keep an eye out for product theft

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About the author:

Max PatelMax Patel is our communications manager & helps the marketing team build campaigns & programs for business owners to get new loyal customers.