Welcomemat Services is a small business marketing strategies and technology company providing monthly direct mail packages to individuals and families who have recently changed their address. Our new mover marketing program is designed to target new residents when they move into an area by presenting them with invitations to try various small businesses and organizations nearby, helping them get acclimated to their new surroundings.

Since 2003, Welcomemat Services’ technological innovations and marketing solutions have enabled Welcomemat Services to change the face of the direct mail marketing industry by offering local, regional, and national businesses & organizations unprecedented access to information about their new resident clients.

Welcomemat’s most important goal is to help small business owners grow their business by getting new customers. Our direct mail marketing solutions are a great fit for your local advertising techniques.

Our marketing ideas for small business owners not only tell you how to advertise your business to attract new customers but also help you increase customer loyalty by targeting the right customers for you- New Movers. New families & individuals that move to your neighborhood.

Your search for business marketing services or small business resources ends here. 

Learn how we can bring in new customers to your local store or neighborhood business today with new mover marketing solutions designed specifically for your local business type.


Did you know that Welcomemat has franchisees that run and operate Welcomemat Services businesses all over the nation? Our local franchisees work directly with local businesses and local marketing in the communities in which they live.