An Urgent Care Marketing Success Story

Aug 10, 2018

Marketing for your urgent care center doesn’t have to be complicated! Check out how this Welcomemat client consistently builds their patient base and keeps them engaged!

Medical marketing specialists know that while patient care is the primary responsibility of their medical practice, informing community members of their options and resources, is also a high priority for community safety and health benefits.

Welcomemat client, Bonita Community Health Center has been using Welcomemat’s local marketing programs for 2 years to do just that – informing local residents of their locations and service offerings before a medical need occurs.

Bonita worked with Welcomemat to develop the right local marketing plan for their business. Using new mover direct mail marketing coupled with social media marketing, Bonita has been able to establish patient relationships from the time a resident moves into the community, and keep their patients engaged with their brand through consistent social media connections every month.

An Urgent Care Marketing Success Story

Bonita Community Health Center

15+ New Patients Every Month

New Mover Direct Mail Marketing

800+ Social Engagement Every Month

Social Media Marketing

Why it Works

Bonita has been able to build a strong patient base because they make a great first impression and follow that experience with consistent and branded social content that connects with their patients.

Using the new mover marketing program, Bonita reaches new residents in the community before they decide where they will go if they need medical attention. Bonita invites new movers into their clinic for a free first aid kit so that they can meet the new movers and establish a relationship before they need patient care.

Because of the visit, patients know where Bonita is located, where to park and check in, and the services that they offer for patient care- creating an easy experience when medical services are needed.

Welcomemat knows that patients are 5X more likely to choose your medical clinic if you establish a relationship with them first – making new mover marketing a great program for medical clinics like Bonita.

New mover marketing is great for establishing the patient relationship, but it only involves 1-2 touch-points with the patient. To continue to stay relevant, top of mind, and informative, your medical clinic needs to establish a way for consistent marketing touch-points.

For Bonita, social media has been their method. Bonita uses their social media platform to highlight important medical news, inform about medical services at Bonita, and to showcase patient success stories! By providing consistent social content, Bonita has built a large social following which keeps their patients engaged and informed – making Bonita top of mind when a medical need arises.

Welcomemat Services offers Community Health Centers, Urgency Care Clinics, and Medical Practices the ability to introduce their medical center to potential patients in the community before there is a need, with an in person visit using our patented new mover marketing program.

Learn more about the value of targeting new movers in your community HERE.

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