Be your local neighborhood

Be Your Local Neighborhood

In today’s world of social and online everything—neighborhoods have become paramount. Local business is the heart of each community and is extremely important to our quality of life. Community culture is shaped by the small business owners who invest their small business resources in opening local businesses in neighborhoods, townships, and boroughs throughout our nation. Communities become vibrant and thrive when local businesses grow.

Welcomemat’s mission of connecting those newly moving into a community with great local businesses in the area is the heartbeat of any community.

Welcomemat’s goal is twofold:

Helping new movers, both families and individuals, acclimate during a consequential life changing event.

Helping local businesses get new customers by connecting them to new families and offering an opportunity to build customer loyalty which helps them grow their local business.

Be a voice in your neighborhood….align yourself and participate.
Join Welcomemat and welcome new families while simultaneously inspiring them to support their new local businesses and invest in their new community.

• Reach New Families • Be the Good Neighbor • Earn New Customers •

Local consumers’ shopping with local businesses creates thriving communities. And, thriving communities become great places to live, work and shop. The Welcomemat goes beyond advertising… it builds relationships.

Vibrant Communities with Thriving Local Businesses—The Facts…..

– When consumers shop with local merchants, more money stays in the community supporting parks, recreation centers, libraries, and other things that make it a great place to live, increasing marketability and a thriving local economy.

– Local businesses are an integral part of a community’s distinctive character. Keeping the community unique can help create more appeal for shoppers who are seeing a one of a kind community ambience, one of a kind items and unique restaurants.

– Providing customer service with local knowledge increases likelihood of loyalty: Small business owners often hire people with a better understanding of the products they are selling and who take more time to get to know customers—thus creating a better business consumer to relationship.

– Neighborhood businesses like local shops, restaurants, and other service providers are a big part of what make communities special and make customers want to visit more frequently.

– Encourage local business growth: Economic research shows that small business owners and skilled workers are more likely to invest and settle in communities that foster their creativity and distinctive character, creating a strong community from such local businesses.


When local merchants and local consumers come together and support one another, neighborhoods and micro-economies thrive.
Local dollars stay close to home; supporting the parks, recreation centers, roads, libraries, schools and other things that make for a strong community and a great place to live.
Local businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Did you know many franchise brands are owned by local business owners?

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