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Ipads, tablets and overwhelming mobile delivery options for restaurants

By Brian Mattingly, May 2, 2016. I dropped into my favorite local deli-restaurant this morning to grab a quick coffee. As I checked out at the register, I noticed four tablets lined up along the backside of the counter. I asked the cashier what they were all for. Her reply, “those are all of our delivery services – see, this one is Uber Eats, this one is Door Dash, then there is Zifty, and Grubhub.”  As a restaurant owner, mobile delivery services and apps are options that have

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Welcomemat services discusses dry cleaner marketing

The process of moving from one house to another can often be messy. Boxes, toys and clothes end up being scattered, misplaced and wrinkled. By the time a new mover gets settled in and pulls out his or her favorite suit for that first day of work at the new job, they usually find that their favorite suit needs a good dry cleaning. The question then becomes where they will take their garments for this service. If the new mover has received a welcome package from Welcomemat Services, the decision

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Welcomemat services discusses hair salon marketing

When a person moves from one city to another, or even just to the other side of town, he or she starts looking for new places to frequent. They will probably want to find a new favorite restaurant, a new coffee shop and they will definitely be looking for a new place to get a haircut. One in five people move every year, which means many salons will lose 20% of their client base. The key for new mover and salons is being able to connect with one another. This is where Welcomemat Services step

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Welcomemat services discusses hardware marketing

Every year, one in five Americans moves to a new home. Once the boxes are unpacked, these new movers want to start making their new houses feel like home with renovations, home improvements and decorations. Most of these new movers will be looking for a local hardware store to assist with these projects, but how will they decide which store to visit? This is where Welcomemat Services comes in. The Atlanta-based company is a loyalty marketing firm that specializes in bringing new residents toget

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Welcomemat services discusses dental vm marketing

Twenty five years ago, it was pretty simple for dentists to find new patients without advertising. There usually were only one or two dentists per town and practitioners could count on their existing clients to refer their friends and family to their offices. Insurance companies were great referral sources as well. Today, says Dental Success Marketing President Dr. Irivin Lubis, this just isn’t true. With over 153,000 dentists practicing in the United States and insurance plans now offering m

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Car wash marketing – turn to new loyal customers for growth

Welcomemat Services helps car washes throughout the United States reach out to new movers in their immediate neighborhoods. Marketing to new movers helps bring in more long-termcustomers than any other form of advertising. And, because new movers are five times more likely to become loyal, the Welcomemat program is a wonderful tool for gaining new, fresh customers who are likely to turn  in to the regular car wash visitors. Typical response rates for car wash marketing via the Welcomema

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