Dental Marketing: How to Get New Patients for Your Dental Practice

Mar 15, 2020

Do you own a dental practice? If your answer is yes, you are probably constantly looking for ways to increase your patient flow and grow your local business. The value of a loyal customer is immeasurable. But what happens when that loyal customer moves out of town? As a local business owner, it is important to regularly foster relationships with new patients in your area, in order to replace those that have moved away.

If you’re looking for a way to attract new customers to your neighborhood dentistry, Welcomemat Services can help. Our new family marketing program targets new residents in your neighborhood that are actively looking for new service providers like you. We can bring you a group of new customers every month right to your door.

Why New Movers?

Did you know that dentists can lose up to 8% of their current patients as a result of client relocations? This loss can mean bad news for your practice if you are not actively bringing in new patients.

Families in your area are looking for new service providers after their move, including a new dentist. According to DataMentors, 70% of new families search for a new dental practice within the first six months of a move. With Welcomemat Services, you can make the right first impression, before any of your competitors do.

How Does the Program Work?

  • You choose the locations around your dental practice that you’d like us to target.
  • Each month, we reach out to a different group of new families in your target area on your behalf
  • Using your unique branding, we create a marketing piece that fits your dental practice.
  • We recommend a “one-time” gift or offer that you can use to welcome new families to the area, and to your business. A personalized gift can differentiate you from other dentists in your area.
  • We collect data and deliver insights right to your email, so you can see the results of your marketing campaign.
  • With your approval, we send “thank you for visiting” cards to all your new patients (and deliver a second offer, if you’d like).
  • With the Welcomemat program, you know your exact customer acquisition cost for every new customer, and ROI, which can help you improve your marketing efforts.
  • We offer add-ons including a loyalty mobile punch card as well as social media promotion for your dental practice across our social media pages.

Your Neighborhood Dental Marketing Solution- Welcomemat Services

Your practice doesn’t have to suffer when your patients move away. Turn new families in your area into your loyal customers with Welcomemat Services. With our targeted direct mail program, you can reach the newest members of your community, right when they need you.

Ready to get your marketing campaign started? Contact us today.

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