Digital Marketing Strategy

Which Digital Marketing Strategy Is Best for Your Business?

Over the past few years, digital marketing has claimed its stake in business’ marketing strategies. From paid social to video marketing, figure out which digital marketing tactic is best for YOUR business.

Salons & Medical Services- SEO

One of the top searches on Google and Yelp are for businesses ‘near me’ and salons are no exception. When consumers move to a new area, they are most likely to take to search engines to see what businesses are located in their new neighborhood. Even established residents will frequently search for businesses around them if they are looking to try somewhere new. This is where SEO comes into play. By adding relevant keywords to your website, posting engaging blogs and content and actively staying on top of other Google algorithm changes, your business will start to rank higher in search engines.

‘Service centric’ businesses such as salons, dentists and veterinarians are built upon customer reviews. 90% of online customers search a business before actually visiting in person. Having good online reviews is vital for business like salons and medical offices. 42% of customers are likely to not visit a business with bad reviews. Not only are good reviews helpful for new business growth but they also will aid in SEO. Use your social media platform or put a poster on the wall in your business to promote more positive reviews for your business!

Restaurants & Home Services- Paid Social/Social Media Marketing

In a business where securing new customers is a must, actively posting on social media and running ads is quite efficient. Social media will allow your restaurant to share real photos of your food and specials with customers through creative posts and stories. Through social media, businesses should also run ads targeted to their desired audiences. Facebook permits detailed location and habit targeting for their digital ads, making them that much more effective for reach. Creating an ad for your home remodeling business can be targeted to people that Facebook has determined are home buyers, interested in home remodeling, watch HGTV often, etc.

The typical American Facebook user clicks on eight Facebook ads each month. Positioning these ads to highly likely audiences will secure new customers to your restaurant and new projects for your home services business. Welcomemat offers an all-encompassing social media marketing package, complete with unique content, boosted posts and advanced audience targeting.

Auto Repair & Car Washes- Email Marketing

A great way for auto repair shops and car washes to stay in touch with customers is through email marketing. Email is a great outlet to promote special deals or simply educate customers about your services. Sending two emails per month to a trusted list of customers can grow revenue month over month. If you don’t already have a list of emails, leave a sheet at the front desk of your business to start gathering addresses. Email marketing continues to have the highest ROI of any marketing technique. Welcomemat’s email marketing program includes two emails per month, one newsletter and one promotional email. The program also comes with detailed reporting and creative content and graphics.

While the tips above describe which marketing strategies are considered ‘best’ for certain industries, all can be applied to benefit any local business industry. Reach out to Welcomemat today if you want to employ one or all of these effective local marketing tactics!