Extending a Welcome- Welcomemat helps businesses connect with new movers

Buzz on Biz coverage on Welcomemat’s efforts in Greater Augusta area.

The Greater Augusta area is in the midst of a growth boom. Thousands of new residents are looking to create relationships during their transition and represent a unique target market for businesses here.  Area businesses offer an extremely generous gift inviting them to experience their product and service.  Welcomemat serves as a bridge to these new residents each month by mailing personalized gift certificates on behalf of the business to each new resident.  The resident visits the business to receive their gift and establishes a new relationship.  Welcomemat then tracks the activity, provides Rate of Return data every month and sends a nice Thank You card back to that family on behalf of the business.


Over 50 clients are already benefitting from the Welcomemat marketing strategy reaching new families.  Heidi Barber-Edwards of Ladybugs Flower’s and Gifts in Martinez is seeing great results.  “We are really excited about the new business Welcomemat has created for us.  It has brought us a lot of new, long-time loyal customers.  “We are giving a complimentary bouquet to each new resident.  When they come in to receive the gift, we get to build a relationship.  After they come in that first time, we are seeing them repeatedly.  They look to us when events like anniversaries, parties, proms, weddings, etc come up.  We get to work with them again and again.”

Sparkle Express Car Wash has experienced a high Return on Investment by giving a generous gift, Manager’s Special wash.  John Paul Richardson is the General Manager of the family-owned Sparkle Express Car Wash.  “These new residents are always happy when we see them.  They are shocked at being able to get a great car wash when they move here.  They are continuing to return after the first introduction to Sparkle”.  A Sparkle Car Wash attendant said, “One of the customers asked me to come to his car”.  “He showed me all the Welcomemat certificates he had received and was excited about using them to get to know the area”.  “It made me want to move!”

The Pizza Joint , a staple in the CSRA for 20 years, loves seeing all the new faces as a result of Welcomemat.  Josh Pressley, manager of the Evans location says, “there’s usually not a day that goes by that we don’t see several new residents come in to get a complimentary pizza for their family.  We are also seeing them return often.  Relationships are key in this business and we like being the first one in front of these new families every month as the exclusive, local pizzeria”.



A leader in the $133-billion local advertising industry, Welcomemat Services is a marketing strategies and technology company that provides loyalty solutions designed to target families who have recently changed their address. Since 2003, Welcomemat Services’ technological innovation and marketing sophistication has enabled the brand to change the face of the direct-mail marketing industry. It offers local, regional, and national businesses & organizations unprecedented access to information about their new mover clients. For more information on Welcomemat Services, visit www.welcomematservices.com.

To partner with Welcomemat in the Greater Augusta area and begin reaching new families to grow your business, contact Chad Trollinger:  706.288.8396, email at ctrollinger@welcomematservices.com.