Holiday Marketing

Festive Holiday Marketing that Drives Results

The end of the year is the busiest season for marketing! With the holidays approaching and consumer spending skyrocketing, marketing budgets tend to expand as well. So, the question becomes, how can you make sure that your local marketing stands out?

Knowing that your customers are going to be flooded with marketing messages across all marketing channels it’s important that you consider a strategy for how and where you’re going to reach your customers with your holiday marketing message.

Most marketers gravitate towards digital marketing efforts since we know that our customers are on social media and email every day. While digital marketing is an easy, cheap, and effective marketing option, a direct mail marketing campaign can give your business the extra edge that it needs to stand out this season.

According to the US Postal Service, 75% of direct mail recipients receive and open their mail on the same day that it was delivered and 76% of Americans have been influenced to make a purchase after receiving a direct mailer.

With the influx of holiday cards and online gift packages arriving, the typical consumer is even more in tuned to the mail they are receiving in November and December – and more excited about their mail!

Incorporating direct mail into your end of year marketing efforts is the perfect way to make your business stand out and drive result with your marketing!

Follow this guide to pull together the most effective direct mail holiday marketing campaign!

1. Who will you reach?

Know your customers and know who your best customers will be this holiday season. Be sure that you’re reaching the customers that you want to reach in both your targeting and in your messaging. The more specific you can get with your audience, the more personal your mailer will feel to the recipient – which is the best way to increase your response rates!

2. How will you make your mailer stand out?

Consider special ways that you can connect with your audience in the limited time that you have in front of them. Not only does this mean having great creative and clear messaging, but also adding in a special offer or enticing promotion. Maybe add a giving component to your offer? Promise a percent of your sales will go to a local charity or offer an extra discount if a customer donates toys to your toy drive. Get creative and make your mailer memorable.

3. How will you measure success?

Tracking the customers that respond to your marketing is the only way to know how effective it is. If you have an ecommerce site that you want to drive users to, then tracking is easily done with a promotion code.

For instore purchases you can require that customers bring the card into the store to receive the offer. Track the success and redemption trends that can help you make your campaign next year even more effective.

If you’re looking to launch a direct mailer campaign for the holidays, consider using the Welcomemat’s Perfect Match Postcard Program. The local marketing experts at Welcomemat can help you build a targeted list, create a custom designed postcard, and track the success of the program with our patented tracking codes.

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