Finding Success with Your Hardware Store Advertising

Sep 7, 2020

See for yourself how Ace Hardware finds advertising success with targeted direct mailers that provide a steady stream of new loyal customers.

Local hardware stores are a staple in every neighborhood – and for good reason, because most consumers appreciate and prefer the level of expertise and trust that the local hardware store provides which cannot be matched by the big box retailers. So, what is the biggest hardware store advertising struggle for local businesses?

Generally, it’s timely awareness. With the physically large presence of Home Depot and Lowes in major shopping centers it becomes increasingly difficult for the local hardware stores to get discovered and become a consumer habit.

Recognizing the need to raise their local awareness, Ace Hardware in Hendersonville, NC partnered with Welcomemat and joined the new mover marketing program. That was in 2013, and 6 years later, they are still using the program to raise their local awareness in a way that creates long term customer loyalty.


Finding Success with Your Hardware Store Advertising

Ace Hardware Hendersonville
Client for 6 years
40 new customers a month on the Welcomemat
new mover marketing program


The Welcomemat new mover program is a direct mail marketing program that targets a very specific audience with a message that is specific to their situation and needs – New Movers. We know that new movers have not yet formed business loyalties or consumer habits in their new neighborhood, making them more likely to respond to your marketing!


Knowing that the Welcomemat mailers have a highly targeted audience, it’s possible to also make the mailers highly timely. We know that because new movers need to adjust to their new neighborhood quickly, they are looking to establish their consumer habits quickly and therefore are more likely to try the business that reaches them first.


Historically, direct mail has not been easy to track for success, especially when it is compared to digital marketing tactics that can quickly provide success metrics and build retargeting audiences. Welcomemat’s advanced data tracking capabilities breaks that mold and allows local businesses to effectively measure and track redemptions digitally.

By providing targeted, timely, and trackable direct mailers the Welcomemat new mover marketing program only needs to touch consumers once to be effective – saving your hardware store advertising budget as well! Learn more about the Welcomemat new mover program for your local business and request a map of new mover volumes in your neighborhood HERE.

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