Cafe Marketing Ideas

Fresh Bakery and Cafe Marketing Ideas

Get new customers in your door and keep your current customers coming back for more with these 4 simple, but necessary bakery and café marketing ideas.

The Bakery and Café industry is a $30 Billion industry that pulls at the indulgences that most Americans consume daily – bread and coffee. These industries have a long history and are sure to have a stable future as well. Since baked goods and coffee are considered dietary staples, that also means that they are readily available at a variety of retail stores- making great local marketing a necessity to capture market share.

As a local business specializing in the craft of bread and coffee making it’s important to bring education and awareness to your local audiences and build a base of customers that value your product and service -so that they keep coming back.

Use these bakery and café marketing ideas to get the right word out to the right people and grow your local business.

1. Offer Educational Classes

It’s amazing how education creates advocates. Find time each month to hold a class to teach and demonstrate the art of your craft. Maybe it’s a class about how to properly grind and press coffee beans or how to add herbs and spices to your bread recipe. By creating an engaging and educational experience for customers you’ll earn their trust in your business and their loyalty to the quality products that you provide.

2. Be on Social Media

Social media is a great platform to help you to build a community of followers and build your brand awareness. Highlight what makes your business special with recipes, promotions, and photos to create an engaging and ‘real’ social presence that showcases your brand-personality and give customers a reason to come in and experience your shop. Be sure to keep your presence casual and fun and communicate back with those that engage on your social media pages.

3. Create an Email Newsletter

Add an email newsletter sign-up next to your checkout register and see how interested customers are in receiving emails from you. Email marketing is a great way to stay in front of your customers and reach them consistently with curated content and messaging that fits your business needs and news.

Be sure not to overdo the emails- aim for 2-3 emails a month with highly relevant content. Offer a variety of content and be sure to educate and highlight what makes your craft product special for customers.

4. Give Samples in Store

When it comes to coffee and bread, we all have our daily go-to’s – and black coffee and an English muffin are not nearly as exciting as the caramel latte and pumpkin spice scone that your business can offer customers. By offering samples of your more exciting and innovative products you could expose customers to new ideas and treats that they have never had before but were too unsure to other in full size.

Keeping customers engaged and establishing strong brand awareness is important for your bakery and café marketing plan if your goal is high customer volume. Tactics like local email marketing, local social media marketing, and even direct mail marketing should be combined to create a perfect mix of multichannel marketing for your local bakery and café.

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