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Why Your Garden Center Should Sponsor a Community Garden

April is national lawn and garden month, and here at Welcomemat, we’re ready to get outside and start planting. As the weather warms up, we know business is warming up for our lawn and garden clients as well. Folks are coming in to look at lawnmowers, seedlings, and gardening gloves. And if you own a lawn and garden center, it’s a great time to consider sponsoring a community garden!

What is a community garden?

According to, a community garden is a plot of land that is cared for by a group of people in a local area. It can range in size from a few standing planters to a large empty lot, filled with rows and rows of plots. Community gardens are often food sources – places where people can grow their own fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs – but they can also be used as an ornamental retreat, where gardeners can tend flowers and other non-food plants for their own sake.

That all sounds great for individuals, but…

Why should my lawn and garden business sponsor a community garden?

We’re glad you asked!

Let’s start with the smarts: a recent study by NYU concluded that green spaces can raise surrounding property values by as much as 9.5%! For any small business, elevated property values can bring elevated business as well. Community gardens also make neighborhoods feel safer and more sociable, good qualities for increasing foot traffic in your area.

Community gardens are places where connections are grown. They bring people from many different backgrounds together to trade stories and seeds. By sponsoring a community garden, you can not only bring people together but show them ways that your business supports the community.

Encouraging your employees to take part in the community garden can make them feel connected to the community and your business as well. As a bonus, if you’re able to personally go out and plant, you’ll foster networks and connections that you might not expect – and be able to showcase some of your products in your own work! In fact, Garden Center Magazine calls community gardening initiatives “opportunities to deepen community ties and take the cap off the traditional spring season.”

Making your business an integral part of a community project is a great way to promote customer trust and loyalty. Meeting your neighbors and being an active part of projects that are important to your community is a fantastic way to get your grand into your community while also doing good in your neighborhood.

Have you taken part in a community gardening project with your business? Let us know on social!