5 ways to increase your loyal customer base

By Max Patel, March 18, 2016.

We know how busy managing your store can get with you trying to wear so many different hats while running your own business. This leaves little time to make sure your shop is getting enough traffic while you juggle tasks on a daily basis.

Having a steady inflow of new loyal customers is one of the most important things you can do for your local business to sustain long-term growth. Having an organized system in place that acquires new customers for you on a regular basis can be a difference maker for your business.

Here are 5 proven ways to increase your loyal customer base.

1. Welcoming

Whether you have a small retail store or a well-known franchise, working on the look of your store from outside in is the best start you can make to attract new customers. Having a clean entry, structured store layout and an available staff can make customers feel comfortable even before they have set a foot in your store. A glance is all it takes to have someone walk in.

Additionally having an attractive window display or a promotional signage display at the front of your store will also help you get that extra traffic.

2. Community engagement at your location

It is always a bonus to have a community relation building activity at your store.  The power of making a human connection is the best asset for your business. Whether it is holding a workshop for kids in your bakery to understand how bread is fermented or inviting couples in the neighborhood to a cooking try out at your restaurant, you need to find the best way to engage with your target audience in a form which is more than selling a product.

3. Stay in touch

Networking is the best way to make your business known. Offering to speak in trade shows, connecting with like-minded professional groups can well be a way to optimize your business and making a network to find new opportunities to gain customers. Record contact information of all new customers and share offers & news with them on a regular basis.

4. Getting involved in your community

Let’s be honest. If you start your business by wanting to attract the whole market from the start, it will result in you running around in circles….and that can be very expensive for sometimes very little return. The best idea is to start by spreading the word about your store in your local neighborhood first before you part take in other advertising and marketing techniques to gain new customers. Put your local networking hat on and go out there and get to know people in your local community. Start by visiting with the local chamber, getting involved in in-kind networking, and get yourself known. The best small business owners also understand how important targeting new movers who are moving into their trade area are for their business growth – meet them, give them a personalized gift. There is increasing research that customers are willing to try out a local store who reaches out to them shortly after a move.

5. Power of referrals

Always know that the happiest customers are the ones who are made to feel wanted not only inside your store but also after they leave. Always give out referrals or promotions to your existing customers to get their friends and family to your store. There are more than many ways to innovate these offerings to incentivize your current customers to get new ones.

In today’s technologically advanced world, there are numerous ways to be ahead of your competition and grow through growing your loyal customer base. Learn more on how we can help you get all those new customers in a neighborhood on a monthly basis.

About the Author:

Max PatelMax is our communications manager & helps the marketing team build campaigns & programs for business owners to get new loyal customers.