Going Green in Local Biz

Environmentally Friendly Small Business Tips

With Earth Day coming up, we’ve been thinking about all of the ways that small businesses can do their part to be environmentally friendly. And the more we’ve researched, the more we realize that Kermit the Frog isn’t quite right anymore – it’s pretty easy being green! There are countless initiatives and credits that your business can take advantage of (more of that on Friday), more and more products are being produced with environmental friendliness in mind, and better still, customers love it!

According to FranchiseHelp’s Green Industry Analysis 2017, “Globally, a report from 2014 says that 55% of consumers across 60 countries are willing to pay higher prices for goods from environmentally conscious companies.” That’s pretty great news for small businesses since it can be so easy to go green. But what are these trends for which customers are willing to pay higher prices? Are they just for utility companies or huge brands?

Not at all. Most of the trends that your customers look for are easily attainable – and are probably products or services you already carry. Read on for some of the top trends in green business!

Small appliance updates

They’ve been around for a while now, but they’re not going anywhere. If you own a hardware store, it’s now more important than ever to make sure you stock energy-efficient lightbulbs and rated appliances. If you own a plant nursery, solar-powered garden lighting and technology is here to stay! Even if you don’t sell these items, making sure your clients know that your business uses them in your day to day work (for instance, energy-efficient cooking appliances in your restaurant, or tools in your salon, or using energy efficient lighting in your car wash), can let them know that you’re an environmentally conscious company.

Environment-friendly cleaning products

Customers are on the hunt for green cleaning products that are sustainably produced, while still being effective for both their use and the customer’s wallet! If you run a home service cleaning company, your clients may already be asking you what cleaning products you use, seeking out materials that are free of harmful chemicals and easily disposable. If your nursery or hardware store sells cleaning materials, make sure to stock environmentally friendly options as well.

Interiors that feel like exteriors.  

Houseplants are all the rage, and for more than their (considerable) aesthetic value. NASA released a list of houseplants that can effectively clean your air, making the interior of your business a healthier and more relaxing place to visit. This is good news for nurseries as well – make sure that you have plenty of indoor plant options, and consider offering materials or classes in the care and keeping of your leafy indoor friends!

Local food

Knowing where your food comes from and how it’s grown is more important to customers than ever. According to Fortune, the business of the local food movement is booming. Customers are looking for restaurants and markets that support local farmers and food grown closer to home, reducing the environmental impact of transportation, which can be a great selling point for local restaurants and small grocery stores.

What green trends is your business seeing?

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