Targeted Postcards

How Trackable and Targeted Postcards Can Be a Game Changer

Did you know that hyper-targeted direct mail with custom graphics and an enticing offer can see redemption rates as high as 10%?

Welcomemat Services has uncovered the secret to making direct mail postcards successful for your business.

By partnering our extensive data insights and patented trackability, Welcomemat has created an exclusive direct mail marketing tool that allows your business to reach its most likely customer, and likely customers only. Through our Perfect Match Postcards, your business can reach its target audience with a custom designed jumbo postcard.

Each postcard is also personalized to include the recipient’s name and a personalized greeting. Our targeted approach will ensure you don’t waste marketing dollars on mail marketing that ends up in the trash. In fact, our Perfect Match Postcard redemption rates are 15x higher than national averages.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

You have the option to mail to multiple different demographics and segment the data to reach your perfect customer. For example, you can choose target income, target age range and gender. We even allow you to break it down even further into marital status, new parent, pet interests and more – or simply use Welcomemat’s tested and proven algorithm built for your industry.

Welcomemat has combined our 15 years of proprietary redemption data with the 150+ data points from the top data giant, Acxiom, to develop “perfect match” audience segments for your local business.

Not only are you able to reach your most likely customer through our Perfect Match Postcards but every postcard sent comes with trackability. We have tied in our patented response tracking to all of our direct mail solutions to provide a quality product for all small businesses.

After your blast of postcards land, you will be able to effectively calculate ROI through your redemption report that shows how many customers redeemed your offer.

Check out some of our Perfect Match Postcard success stories:

Car Wash in Nashville:
-Targeted 10,000 customers using our advanced car wash data model
-Used a bright, engaging design to attract more customers
-Offered customers a free $20 car wash
-8% redeemed
-Tied postcard into promotional holiday for their business
-Utilized our patent pending car wash integration technology

Burger chain in Orlando:
-Targeted 2,000 customers using our advanced restaurant data model
-Used branded franchise design with appealing graphic elements
-Offered customers free fry and $5 off a purchase
-10% redeemed

See why small businesses love our Perfect Match Postcards:

Hundreds of businesses across the country utilize our Perfect Match Postcards as a direct response marketing solution. Our postcards are great for grand openings, holidays or special events.

Start reaching your Perfect Match customers today with Welcomemat, CLICK HERE.