How to attract fresh new customers to your pizzeria?

Oct 7, 2021

Do you own a local pizza restaurant? Do you know of anyone who does? We’ve compiled some fresh tips to help you learn how to attract new customers to your business while nurturing them into lifelong patrons.

Whether you own a local pizzeria or a franchise chain, you’re not alone in worrying about where your new customers will come from.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to inject your business with a sense of “freshness” every now and then. Similarly, though, it’s also important to attract fresh customers while you work to retain your old ones.

All businesses have that loyal set of customers that provide the bread and butter for the establishment. But, time and again, it proves important to have a mechanism in place to attract a new set of customers. You need customers that are new, fresh, and untapped. These customers are more likely to convert into long-lasting relationships.

After speaking to many local pizzeria owners and studying the latest trends, the Welcomemat team has come up with what we believe to be the top 4 tricks to get new customers through your door.

Below are the top 4 tricks that you, as a local business merchant, can use to attract fresh customers to your establishment.


New movers are nobody’s customers


That’s right. Research shows that people who have recently moved into a neighborhood can feel completely overwhelmed and are on the lookout for their new favorite businesses.

Welcomemat helps your businesses with new mover marketing and introduces you to thousands of new movers every month. New movers who have just moved into your neighborhood are eager to find their new favorite restaurants. Become their favorite restaurant before somebody else does.

Chat with us today to gain more insights into your neighborhood.


Contests and promotions based on new trends


Your neighborhood was just featured as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the country. Don’t be afraid to brag about this to your network!

Run promotions inviting neighbors, trade partners, or even friends of employees to celebrate this win at your pizzeria. Activities like these have the potential to pick up steam on social media and will ultimately result in more footfalls through your door.


Free invitation to local events


Imagine there is a cool new beer festival that is happening in your neighborhood this weekend.

Beer lovers will flock in to enjoy the best of summer with their friends. What goes best with beer? Pizza.

Sponsor a stall at the event or distribute free passes to your customers and their friends.

A local pizzeria in New York recently invited patrons to enjoy a free pizza at a painting event at its new store. Customers had to help the store owner paint his new store in exchange for a free pizza for their group of friends. Events like these can help set you apart, attract new customers, and increase customer loyalty to grow your local business.


Piggyback on your existing vendors


As a pizzeria owner, it is quite possible that you rely solely on another vendor for your ingredients or other supplies. You already have a very good relationship with this vendor. This is more of a gold mine than you realize.

Be generous in promoting this vender to all of your customers. Consider inviting your vendor to your pizzeria to showcase how well his products are received at your business. More business for you, after all, means more business for them!

Chances are high that the vendor will eventually return the favor by spreading the word about your business and rewarding you with new customers.

Think of yourself as more than someone who sells pizzas. You exist in a community. Leveraging that fact as a marketing strategy will help you build a business around strong community relations and will result in an influx of exciting new customers.


The Welcomemat program helps such local businesses connect with new movers in their neighborhood through a unique new mover marketing initiative that introduces your local restaurant to thousands of new families and individuals moving into your neighborhood every month. This gives you a chance to make them your loyal customers before anyone else does.

 Watch a quick video to see how such restaurants have benefitted from using our new mover marketing program or chat with us to gain insights into your neighborhood and how you can introduce yourself to these valuable new movers.

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