In the Mix: Great Content Marketing Balance

Content Marketing for Small Businesses

We’ve heard it said again and again: making sure you post relevant content is critical for your small business. But what should you post? And how much? In honor of National Trail Mix Day, we thought we’d share a good formula in the stylings of trail mix. Because just like a great trail mix, it’s important to get the right balance of flavors in your content!

Start with a Strong Base

What’s your niche? Where does your business really shine? If you’re a bakery, it’s in your expertise with your ingredients. Auto shops know their way around an engine block. Dry cleaner? You know how to tackle every pesky stain in existence. These topics are your base, what you know the best – the “nuts” of your trail mix! If someone were to grab a handful of your content, they would come up with mostly these topics.

Sprinkle with some Seeds

These have the same heartiness and earthy flavor as your nuts, but with a twist: these posts can come from outside sources! Whether you’re reposting with from a blog that you think really shows the best in the veterinary field, or giving a shoutout to another hair stylist whose work you love, it’s always good to include other voices in your industry.

Throw in some Pretzels (or cereal!)

This is where you get technical. It’s good to share content that might not be for your average reader! You can share a few how-to posts or an exciting industry announcement without worrying that your readers won’t understand. Showing that you’re plugged into your field is a great way to build credibility – just don’t throw in too many of these! A whole bag of pretzels can be overwhelming if you were expecting a great mix.

Hit the Sweet Tooth

Got a great company culture? Found a hilarious comic strip about your industry? Have an office dog or a funny employee tradition? Want to celebrate your staff’s accomplishments? Do it here! A few raisins or pieces of dried pineapple elevate the flavor of your favorite trail mix the same way that these posts can show your brand’s human side and make you feel even more relatable to the public.