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Target your best customer demographics & grow your customer base with long-term customers

Using Welcomemat’s Perfect Match Postcard Program, we’ll work with you to profile your best customers and target those in your local community that are the best fit for your business with jumbo full-color postcards customized to your business and brand. Our data models give you a lower customer acquisition cost and higher business loyalty trends. 

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Perfect Match Postcards

Modern Custom Designs

Our talented team of designers will create an enticing full-color jumbo postcard fit to your business and branding. Each postcard design is unique to your business, target audience, and offer making it a tangible and impactful direct mail marketing piece.

Tailored Marketing Message

Reach out to announce a grand opening, celebrate a holiday special, or to offer a gift. Our direct mail postcard program is flexible to your business needs, whatever they are. Choose up to three custom offer choices to appear on each postcard.

Sophisticated Data Tracking

Using the Welcomemat patented data tracking technology, we track your postcard’s success and provide you with detailed monthly reporting. Each data report contains redemption volume and details allowing you to better understand your customer profiles and track the long-term value of the program.

15 Years Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Recognized as #1 in the advertising space by Entrepreneur Magazine, Welcomemat Services helps small businesses grow by providing sophisticated marketing and technology resources fit for your local business to help you grow loyal repeat customers in your neighborhood.

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“We wanted to do the Perfect Match Postcard because we were looking for a really hyper-targeted way to market…and we were blown away by how well it did for us!”

Katie Whitson, Blond Genius Denim Bar