Our Welcomemat champions: A noble purpose team

Team Archives, May 13, 2016.

At Welcomemat we always believe in the power of human connections in everything we do whether for internal communications or with our business clients. It is the value that is the core foundation of our entire organization.

To prove this core concept, we asked our teams across the nation to share their stories of compassion and an instance when they have contributed to the growth of a local business in their neighborhood.

It was no surprise that we got 25+ noble stories of positive business attitudes and client recommendations. This has motivated us  more than ever to continue what we are doing with passion and commitment to building strong business communities.

Showcasing the strongest stories for you, enjoy the share…

Sheryl Eickman, Welcomemat franchisee in Indianapolis identified how two of her clients could benefit working together and thus introduced them to each other. What followed was a boost for community relations and trust among the network.

Another franchisee, David Tabb, said that when business owners don’t see “new faces” coming back again, he himself goes in and finds out how they are treating these new customers, and trains them to use the customer’s name, welcome them to the neighborhood, etc.

Karen Bitterle’s client says “I myself am a new mover in the neighborhood and appreciate the Welcomemat introductions. Those introduced restaurants and stores are the ones that I continue to go back to – they’ve become part of my new lifestyle.”  Her own moving experience really drove home the value of reaching out to new movers to establish long term relationships.”

Sharon Barhorst’s local merchant client has historically  paid a lot for advertising. Her client feels that Welcomemat gives him a whole new powerful market niche at a small investment. Sharon also sees Welcomemat as a super community connector and gladly helps local businesses improve their business- like giving tips to increase their website.

Steve Acra believes Welcomemat can help grow businesses one family at a time when partnered with the right business owners and through promoting healthy business-community relations.

Find out more how our network is helping local businesses to grow across North America and how you can make a difference in your neighborhood.