Great Service In and Outside Your Brick & Mortar – Local Restaurant Marketing

Does anything beat great service? According to Restaurant Business’ listing of America’s Favorite Chains for 2016, the answer is no. The top 5 restaurant chains in the US got their highest ratings in hospitality – beating out their ambiance, food, convenience, and value. In fact, these high rankings in service are what gave those five chains the top spot, even surpassing their earnings and product quality.

Of course, if you run a small business, you know how important service is to your customers’ experience. And odds are, you’re knocking it out of the park. But hospitality doesn’t just mean great service within your four walls: it can also mean engagement with your customers at a personal level, showing them that you can meet them where they are and be a vital member of the community you share with them.

Here are 4 unique ways you can show hospitality to your customers and keep them coming back.

1) Community Events – is the local high school one game away from heading to state? Was your neighborhood recently named one of the best neighborhoods for small businesses? Celebrate with your community by hosting special events that tie into the heartbeat of your area.

2) Keep Up a Conversation – Own a local coffee shop? Keep a chalkboard where people can make requests to add to the playlist. If you serve the best burgers in town, run a promotion on social media to let your customers pick your next menu item.

3) Furry Friends – We know it’s not a great plan to have a pet in a bakery, but if your business has an outdoor seating area, what about including a water bowl? Pet owners will feel welcome (and their pets will too).

4) Welcome New Residents – who said you can only show hospitality to your current customers? With the Welcomemat New Mover program, greet new community members with a gift and an invitation to come check out your business.


Welcomemat uses a data-driven approach to help small businesses be neighborly. By reaching new movers and engaging with the community through targeted promotions and interaction in digital spaces, we can help you with your restaurant marketing by showing hospitality to your neighborhood!