New Welcomemat Franchise in Delaware!

Julie Kozlowski, a New Castle Country resident just opened the first Welcomemat Services in Delaware in June. Her business will help establish a relationship between new residents in the county and local businesses.

“When people move into a new neighborhood, they are looking to be loyal to a salon, a restaurant, a hardware store,” Kozlowski told the reporter. “Welcomemat brings all these services to them in a single packet. And the businesses will know they just moved into the area because they used the certificate. It gives them a talking to point to form a relationship to build customer loyalty.”

While Kozlowski is new to the business and is still working on establishing clients, she is excited for what this company will bring to her home state.

“We want businesses to give the nicest first impression on a family so they are more likely to come to your business,” Kozlowski told The News Journal. “The idea is the power of reciprocity. If someone gives you a really nice gift, you are going to keep going back there.”


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