Perfecting the Strategy for A Great Local Marketing Campaign

Connecting with your audience is the key to effective marketing – So, we’re breaking down your no-sweat strategy for creating an impactful local marketing campaign!

This blog is part of a monthly series to guide local business owners on how to find the best new customers for their products and services. Check out the first blog on How to Define Your Audience  and the second in the series: Crafting Your Message for Optimal Marketing Results.

Once you have defined your audience segments and crafted your marketing message it’s time to pull it all together and effectively strategize your campaign for peak relevancy and effectiveness. When building your strategy, first consider who you are reaching, because success is achieved when your marketing can truly connect with your target audience. In order to simplify the approach, we’ve categorized audiences into two distinct groups – consumers that are currently using a competitor and consumers that are experiencing a first time need for your product or service. Your strategy is going to be very different for each of these two segments, and we’ve laid out the details below.

Winning Over a Competitor’s Customer

If a consumer is currently using a competitor’s services or products it will take more time and effort to convert them to your customer. These customers are already ingrained into the habit of their current provider and they need to experience a shift in thinking to change their habit. Changing consumer habits generally requires a higher volume of marketing efforts spread across multiple channels.

Direct mail marketing, digital media tactics, and local advertising efforts should all work in sync to provide a clear, direct, and intriguing message. Ensure you have a consistent image across all marketing channels with eye catching design elements to grab their attention. Use logic in your marketing message and educate consumers about why they need your product or services while underscoring what they are missing if they are not using your business.

New Customers to Your Business Product or Service

Being the first business to provide a service or product for a customer is the best way to form their consumer habits and instill long-term loyalty in your brand. Target narrow, but specific groups of people experiencing a major life event such as new parents, recent graduates, newly retired, or new movers. Each of these audience segments is experiencing a major life shift and has newly emerging needs that are forcing them to form new habits. Studies show that if these groups try your business before your competitor, they are 5X more likely to stay loyal to your business.

This is a high value group of customers and the most important part of earning their loyalty is getting them into your business to experience your product or service. Make it easy for them by offering them a free invitation to try your business and showcase the value of their brand. A free gift may sound overly generous, but when you consider the long-term value of this group, it’s a relatively small price to get them into your business and control their experience, versus letting them research online or try competitors first.

By offering these consumers a free gift they are more likely to redeem the offer, have a positive experience, and return to your business. Consider tactics such as new mover direct mail marketing, targeted Facebook ads, Google PPC ads, and local print publication ads. Reach them where they are and offer the solution that they need.

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