International Pizza Expo

Slices of Knowledge from the International Pizza Expo

Welcomemat Services had a great time exhibiting at the 2019 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

After a week of connecting with pizza restaurant owners and operators, here’s what we learned:

In between tasting cheeses and wood-fired pizzas, we were able to talk with hundreds of restauranteurs about what it’s like to own a pizzeria (or any restaurant). In the United States alone, there are thousands of pizzerias set to open up in 2019. We also learned that just making good pizza isn’t enough to keep the business afloat.

Most pizza restaurant owners open a pizzeria because of their love for the cuisine. They wanted to turn their passion into a career. Most pizzaiolos enjoy the balance of uniting fellowship with food- by opening a pizza restaurant they are able to do that day in and day out.

We also learned that there are so many different types of pizza out there. Thin crust, Detroit Style, Roman Style, vegan, etc. While the pizzas they serve differ, the one thing that all of these pizza restaurants do have in common is that they must market to reach new customers.

Restaurant Marketing Plan to Set Yours Apart from Competitors

“I’d much rather focus on the quality of my pizza and leave the marketing up to someone else,” one owner explained. That was a recurring theme amongst most owners. They simply want to make delicious pizzas for their customers because that’s what they do best. Welcomemat can let you toss the pizzas and test out new toppings- we’ll handle the marketing.

Through our New Mover Marketing Program, we will invite every single new family that moves into your neighborhood in to try your pizza, pasta, cannolis and more. We bring hundreds of your most likely customers in your door every month. New movers are 5x more likely to become loyal to your business compared to current residents so you can’t forget to market to them. These are the families that are looking for new restaurants to frequent.

Welcomemat can also help you target potential pizza goers through our Social Media Program. With the “foodie” universe ever expanding, you must have your pizzas on social media. Social media is a huge opportunity for your pizzeria to reach new, old and current customers. Most people find a restaurant more credible when they are active on social media. Welcomemat will post on behalf of your pizza restaurant and include ad spend in your monthly budget to ensure your posts are being seen by your target audience.

Successfully marketing your pizzeria looks different for every business owner. Either way it’s adamant that you are staying in touch with your current customers and constantly marketing to new customers. Let Welcomemat take your marketing to the next level.