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Pizza Marketplace helps us celebrate National Pizza Pie Day

February 10, 2017.


February 9 was National Pizza Pie Day.

The media article talks about how Welcomemat Services took the celebration a step further by ranking the top 10 neighborhoods with most pizza restaurants and passion for pizza among new movers. base on their internal data on redemptions and strength of the pizza market.

Did your neighborhood make the list?

See the rankings here.

The ranking was based on internal data on redemptions and strength of the pizza market. By cross-referencing the size of operational U.S. markets and the top markets where there is truly a passion for pizza.

Long gone are the days where pizza was only enjoyed by football fans and frat brothers. The beloved pies are now a treat for mostly women. 

Read the full article here.

Welcomemat Services works with local pizza restaurant owners across the country to welcome new families that move into a new neighborhood and at the same time give these small business owners an opportunity to get discovered first before their competitors.

Talk to a local Welcomemat representative today to learn more about your neighborhood.