Pizza Marketing Goals

How to Successfully Reach Your Pizza Marketing Goals

Learn about the turnkey direct mail marketing service pizza restaurant owners are utilizing to reach new customers and grow their sales.

Over the past 15 years, Welcomemat Services has become a trusted marketing consultant to hundreds of pizza restaurants across the country. By combining our patented response tracking and high value responder models, Welcomemat can help you reach your pizza marketing goals.

Welcomemat’s marketing plan for pizza restaurants allow pizza restauranteurs to infiltrate and build relationships with the audience that you need to reach most, new families moving to their area. Not only do we help you reach new customers, we also offer trackable redemption data that will help you optimize the ROI of the program.

Welcomemat has changed the marketing game for pizzerias everywhere.

Jersey’s Pizzeria and Restaurant

~45 new customers a month using the Welcomemat New Mover Marketing Program

Why it Works

Welcomemat’s New Mover Marketing Program targets families with a personalized mail packet right as they move into their new home. Targeting new movers is exponentially more effective than reaching current residents as new movers are 5x more likely to become loyal customers to your business. There are hundreds of new families moving into your community each month and most (if not all) are looking for a pizza restaurant to become loyal to.

The quicker you capture these new families, the more likely you are to secure their business for the next 5-6 years while they live in their home. Welcomemat can help you reach hundreds of valuable and untouched customers every single month through our New Mover Marketing Program!

A Success Story

Jersey’s Pizzeria and Restaurant have been using the Welcomemat New Mover Program for 8 months. They receive an average of 45 new customers each month by targeting all of the new families moving into Murrieta, CA. Jayda Brown, Assistant Manager, loves using the Welcomemat program because it allows them to get a lot of new local customers and track and measure their results. Through the Welcomemat program, Jersey’s Pizzeria and Restaurant “gets to bring in our local neighbors and share the experience of Jersey’s with them.”

“I would definitely recommend Welcomemat Services to other businesses because it’s a great way to have your local community come enjoy and experience your restaurant.” -Jayda Brown, Jersey’s Pizzeria and Restaurant.

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