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“Welcomemat has helped us grow exponentially! New customers come in, they love us, then they come back!”
– Mason Hollandbeck, Salon Red
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Reach Your Best Clients

What if we told you that you could reach an audience that was 5X more likely to be a repeat client for your salon? What if that audience consisted of brand new people every month ensuring a steady stream of new clients for your business? Sounds good right? Well, that is what Welcomemat Service does for local salons across the country. We work with hundreds of salon owners each month to simplify their salon marketing strategy and bring new loyal clients through their door every month.

Why it Works

Our brand was built on the platform of new mover marketing. We know that when a person or family physically moves to a new house they are actively seeking new consumer habits and convenient business relationships. Using big data resources, we have built the most accurate new mover list to hit with a direct mail welcome package offering these new residents an opportunity to try the best businesses in the community. We know that by reaching this group of new movers first, your salon is 5X more likely to become their new ‘regular’ spot and a long-term client.

A Success Story

We’ve learned from salon owners that their best form of marketing for their business is word-of-mouth—which can be great, but the downside is that it’s out of your control and in the hands of your clients! Check out how Douglas Carroll Salon uses new mover marketing to get new clients in their salon!

Douglas Carroll Salon
4 Year Welcomemat Client
12 NEW clients every month


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