Mindshift – Downturns, Recessions, and Pandemics – Marketing and Business Growth

As founders of a company who has a large basket of clients who are local businesses all over the nation, Michelle and I thought it might be helpful for marketing and business development people to share what we have seen in our business over the past 17 years with a focus on 2008.

We clearly remember during the 2008 recession some business owners, when asked about marketing and growth, would say, “call me when the recession is over.”

These business owners had no plan to get what they needed most – which was a plan to grow revenues and get new customers so they could keep staff and stay in business. Looking back, most of those businesses didn’t survive past the recession.

On the flipside, we remember speaking to strong business owners who had the mindset of – I need a plan and I can’t bury my head in the sand. They were asking us how to gain new customers and grow revenues so they could keep their teams in place and continue to stay in business. Interestingly, they also got excited about the chance to gain market share when the weak owners were burying their heads in the sand hoping things would get better. Strong business owners understand that hope is not a strategy.

At Welcomemat, our culture and values lead us to operate under the idea that we want to be a resource and valuable partner who comes alongside our clients and helps them grow revenue and gain new customers. Our data-driven customer acquisition tools have always been developed through a lens of technology, data, and new customer growth.

Staying in line with our values, our immediate goal in the current environment is to educate and bring business owners up to speed on strong programs that can help them grow by gaining new, long-term clients and revenue as they come back online. A quick restart solution.

Our belief is clear in that Welcomemat has some tremendous digital and traditional tools that can help local businesses. If local owners don’t have a plan for getting customers soon or aren’t formulating one now, they may dry up and die as it could be too late. Strong business owners understand this.

In our opinion, what we are seeing is a state of the world that may be around for a bit — so it’s extremely important to adapt and get creative now – and start developing the ammo and tools to succeed – Welcomemat wants to provide education and access to tools that can be that growth ammo.

As learned from the recession in 2008, a “wait and see” approach can be much more risky – even lethal to some local businesses – at Welcomemat we want to help lead our prospects to what they need MOST –customers and revenue – this way they can grow and thrive – keep staff and be a strong part of local economies.

While it may seem counter intuitive to think about growth in the current state of the world, this paradigm shift is important – we saw how it helped local businesses grow and thrive in 2008 and we believe it will be the same now.

Rooting for local,
Brian & Michelle Mattingly
Welcomemat Services
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