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Restaurant Marketing Case Study – Welcomemat Services

Over the past 15 years, Welcomemat Services has developed a comprehensive restaurant marketing program that has helped hundreds of restaurants grow sales. Check out one of our restaurant marketing success stories!

For some restauranteurs, there just isn’t enough time in the day. Between operating a business, managing and troubleshooting, where does marketing fit in? Creating the perfect all-day offerings, balancing healthfulness and even marketing innovation are just a few of the creative aspects each restaurant owner faces as a small business owner.

Unfortunately, customer acquisition can get put on the back burner when the first priority is running the restaurant successfully. At the end of the day, it’s all about bringing in new customers and creating an atmosphere that drives customer loyalty and repeat business.

Restaurant Marketing Plan to Set Yours Apart from Competitors

Welcomemat’s understanding and experience with the restaurant industry has allowed us to carefully craft an effective restaurant marketing tool. Welcomemat’s turnkey New Mover Marketing program will let you focus on running your business, while consistently marketing to every new person that moves into your neighborhood.

A fast-casual sub restaurant that has partnered with Welcomemat for over six years is able to regularly reach over 270 new families, that have never visited their business before, each month. These families are a vital audience to target as they are 80x more likely to respond to an offer than established residents.

Welcomemat can also grant your business exclusivity in your industry, meaning your business will be the only one of its kind reaching the movers in your area. On Facebook, Yelp and Google, your competition is displayed alongside your business, leaving it up to the customer on which business they’d like to spend at.

Utilizing our exclusive option will eliminate your competitor! These families will only be introduced to YOUR business (industry exclusive) through our New Mover Marketing program.

Most consumers will visit their local sub shop about three times a month for lunch at ~$13 average ticket price. Census Bureau data states that these consumers will live in their homes for about 5-6 years, making the lifetime value of a new customer $2,808 for a sub shop. On average, this sub restaurant sees 6-8% redemption rates, above national averages.

Every single month they are bringing in 16-20 new families that are looking for a casual sandwich shop to frequent- all while allowing the owner to focus on other restaurant matters at hand. Local restaurants are the most sought-after local businesses by new movers after a recent move. Become their favorite local restaurant before your competitor does.

Even if your restaurant has a constant influx of customers, those customers will inevitably move or change brand habits. If you are not constantly marketing to new potential customers, how will you replace the customers that move? It’s never too late to adopt new marketing strategies!

You could have the perfect menu and décor but until new customers come in, it makes no difference. Welcomemat can help your restaurant reach hundreds of new potential customers each and every month.

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