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Salon Marketing Success Story – Welcomemat Services

Welcomemat Services’ advanced marketing tools have helped hundreds of salons across the country reach their marketing goals.

Read below for one of our many salon marketing success stories!

There are plenty of ways to market your salon but which of the many salon marketing tactics work best? When a new family moves to town there are multiple businesses that they look to replace, such as a doctor’s office and a hair salon. These new movers have no brand loyalties in their new community, so it is imperative that your business reach these customers right as they are getting settled.

A local salon in Atlanta, GA saw the importance of reaching all of the new families that moved into their area through the Welcomemat New Mover Program. This salon has partnered with Welcomemat for six years, reaching 250 new customers that were looking for a salon that they can trust.

Our New Mover Program allowed this salon to reach a segmented niche audience that was most likely to respond to their advertising- resulting in much higher return rates than other direct mail marketing.

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Welcomemat will target and reach all of the new families moving into your neighborhood with a custom designed piece of mail personally addressed to the consumer. As a business owner, you know where most of your customers are coming from geographically therefore Welcomemat gives you the freedom to break down and target by zip code.

This will ensure that your marketing dollars are being well spent! We include patented data and redemption tracking in our program so your business will always know how well the program is working. Each piece of mail is trackable, which makes it even easier for your business calculate ROI.

Our patented response tracking tool will let you know how many new customers are coming in each month, average income level of the customers you are reaching and much more.

On average, women visit their hair salon once a month and spend $75 per visit. One new loyal customer to your salon is worth $900 a year! Welcomemat can bring anywhere from 5-12 new, loyal customers to your salon each month through our program. These new movers are looking for a salon to become loyal to, will it be yours?

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