3 Ways to Bring In New Movers – Small Business Marketing Plan

Are You Ready for Moving Month?

It’s almost that time of year – can you feel it? The days are getting longer, traffic is lighter as schools let out, the fireflies are flashing in the evenings, and it’s time to break out the short sleeves and sandals. But we’re not talking about summer vacation, we’re talking about that magical time of the year: moving season!

According to MovingLabor.com, April through September are the peak moving months in the United States. And as a company whose bread and butter is new mover marketing for small businesses, Welcomemat knows that the end of June sees the biggest spike in new movers in the entire year. What does this mean for your business?

New movers are five times more likely than other individuals to change their buying habits, giving your business a golden window of opportunity. When a new family moves into your area, if you can invite them into your business before they patronize your competition, you can develop a newly loyal customer without having to pay the cost to convert customers away from your competition. New movers are nobody’s customer – until they’re yours!

To help you reach out to new movers in your community, we’ve come up with some ways to get those new movers through the door:

  1. Host Regular Community Events
    Things like weekly trivia nights, celebrations of community events (high school graduation, anyone?), and other community-focused special occasions offer new movers great ways to connect with their new location. Advertise these on local postings and websites that new movers are likely to check while looking for ways to plug in.
  2. Mobilize Your Loyal Customers
    You’ve already got loyal customers. You know the ones – the folks who always show up for your wing special on Wednesdays, or would let their color grow out before they ever went to another stylist. Incentivize them with discounts or prizes to refer folks who are new to their neighborhoods. Since reviews and word of mouth are the most trusted source of info for new clients, you’re likely to land a new client.
  3. Mail Them A Gift
    With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to mail directly to people who’ve just moved. We’re biased to the Welcomemat, of course: all of our trackable Welcomemat packages contain gift offers from local businesses to welcome new movers to the neighborhood. Offering a gift (instead of a coupon or discount) builds trust and reciprocity with new movers, encouraging them to try your business first – and once they’ve tried it, to keep coming back!

How do you leverage the summer season and the spike in moving numbers? Let us know on social!