Social Media Cheat Sheet: 2018 Platform Demographics

For local business owners, entering the social media game can feel a bit intimidating, and deciding which platform to use is often the first paralyzing step.

The local marketing experts here at Welcomemat Services have pulled together many great social media strategies for local businesses across the country. When it comes to the question of how to use social media for small business, the key words of advice they offer are: don’t get thrown off by the ‘new’ and ‘trendy’ social media platforms. As with any marketing tactics, take a step back and ask yourself the most important question:

“Where is your audience?”

Understanding which platforms are relevant to the audience you want to reach is going to provide your strategy framework and drive your social media tactics. To help you get started, the team here at Welcomemat created an infographic that provides a demographic overview of each major social media platform.


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