This is a beach community with great surf and history., not to mention many great restaurants, retail shops and sites and services all waiting to meet the new residence with wonderful welcoming offers to attract them to there local businesses.
Welcomemat has a purpose here to help the new families become acquainted to this unique community by introducing them to some of the finest local businesses with great onetime gifts which will draw the new residence to visit these businesses and more than not become regular customers which in turn helps the new families feel at home and the businesses to flourish.The new residence contribute more in there first 6 months to the local economy than the established residence do in 3 years therefore marketing and targeting the new families is the least expensive and the most rewarding to many local businesses which have the knowledge and the vision to market to this great source of income. Building a loyal customer base has never been so easy to use and available.
So if you own a small business or are considering to, the Welcomemat package is a very inexpensive and effective way to grow in the new millennium.


  • Reach New Customers
  • Build New Mover Relationships Faster
  • Get Market Exclusivity
  • Generate New Revenue
  • Gain New Loyal Customers
  • Benefit from Patented Technology
  • Access Powerful Marketing Data
  • Measure Your Advertising Effectiveness
  • Increase Visibility to your Market
  • Use a Turn Key Marketing Program
  • Spend Marketing Dollars Effectively
  • Focused Marketing Audience

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