Technology is changing restaurants inside out

Team Archives, August 5, 2016.

Last month, we shared our thoughts about mobile delivery options for restaurants. Apps and mobile delivery options like Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Zifty are becoming increasingly popular ways for restaurants to provide a faster customer experience.

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As technology evolves, customer demand for faster and more reliable ordering solutions increases. To meet those new demands, innovative trends are entering the service space which will change the customer restaurant experience.

As customer demands and technologies evolve, it is becoming increasingly important for business establishments to utilize all available technology and provide their customers with easy tech-based solutions to their needs. Whether you’re a local merchant working to establish your own restaurant or a national franchisee trying to increase customer footfalls, meeting the new generation of customers on their most familiar turf—technology—is paramount to making the most of their business.

Today’s customers are increasingly mobile. Research shows that they spend more time online than going to an actual establishment. And, with the emergence of social connectivity platforms like Facebook and Instagram, this space has become a crucial one for connecting with existing customers and fostering relationships with potential clients.

Can restaurants connect with their customers solely in the digital space? Can they allow them to order their favorite meals through social media platforms rather than asking them to log on to a separate website or visit a physical storefront?

Dallas-based Wingstop Inc., a restaurant specializing in flavored chicken wings, wants to find out. Recently, Wingstop Inc. realized that more than 15 percent of their sales came from online ordering apps. Because of this data, their marketing team believes that a time when their customers order solely from social media platforms is on the horizon.

Another great example of how technology is helping local restaurants across the nation is our Welcomemat scanning app for new movers. This patented offering from Welcomemat helps you track new movers in your area every time they visit your establishment. The app automatically sends you insights into their demographic and economic profiles so that you know how to better serve them and turn them into loyal local customers.

Welcomemat works by introducing your restaurant to new residents and families that have moved to the neighborhood and providing them with a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” gift card. Once they visit your business, our app will tell you all you need to know about their profile so you can provide tailored services that will keep them coming back. We’ll also provide you with their contact information for future promotions.

See what other restaurant owners had to say about the program and how they have used the app to increase their customer base.

We at Welcomemat believe that local restaurant owners need to recognize this changing trend and invest efforts in external vendors that can help them get more customers than ever before.

Write to us today to see how you can introduce your restaurant to new movers in your area and gain new loyal customers.