Top 10 Marketing Tips Learned at the 2019 IFA Convention

What a week it was at the 2019 IFA Convention in Las Vegas!

With today’s leaders in marketing and innovation coming together to share new ideas and momentous speakers like Gary Vaynerchuck and Carly Fiorina, many attendees claimed it felt overwhelming to try and soak up all the knowledge being passed over the course of the week.

In order to help our franchise partners retain some of the valuable knowledge gained at the IFA convention, we decided to share our Top 10 Marketing Tips Learned at IFA 2019.

1. Voice and Artificial Intelligence will become very apparent within the next 10-years.

This was a common theme with many powerful presentations on marketing and innovation over the course of the conference. Although not yet widespread, consumers are beginning to make purchases via Amazon Alexa and other voice channels. And Google searches with the phrase “for me” have increased significantly over the past couple of years due to the rise of artificial intelligence. Overall, organizations should keep this marketing tip top of mind and make sure they are set up to leverage this when the time comes.

2. We live in the era of the researched consumer.

With today’s informed consumer, it is crucial to manage your customer presence. Customers are now placing value in response time when it comes to online reviews. At Welcomemat, our clients have found that it’s very helpful to outsource their online review management, and we’ve delivered some great results for our clients.

Slices of Knowledge from the International Pizza Expo

3. Now more than ever, organizations need to make sure their brand tells their story.

Not sure how your story appears to your consumers? Try Googling yourself and your brand and make sure you like what you see – because this is what many of your customers are doing. Some valuable tools to tell your story include Google Post, PR, YouTube and blog posts.

4. The average consumer is now exposed to 10,000 brand messages a day.

Content has become crucial. It is important to make sure you are providing helpful and targeted content to the right audience. Consumers now expect businesses to be a resource and thought-leader along with a service provider.

5. In the past 2 years, videos with “review” in the title had more than 50,000-years’ worth of watch time and only 15% of these were from major brands.

If this doesn’t tell you enough about how to harness the power of YouTube, then you may want to spend some time viewing GaryVee’s YouTube channel.

6. Organizations should be switching over to a non-last-click attribution model.

Our informed consumer now takes a longer customer journey that consist of multiple touches, and it is beneficial to track the entire journey.Google Tag Manager is a new tool that gives you the ability to track and code without being a developer.

7. It is important to measure every moment that matters to your business.

Today’s customer wants perfection, so monitoring customer acquisition should take place in many areas beyond marketing, such as sales, customer service and other valuable stages of a customer’s journey with your brand.

8. Google has made it clear that site speed does matter for paid and organic search.

Be sure to monitor and optimize your site speed for site pages and landing pages. As a general marketing tip, Google’s expectation is 3 second to load or less.

9. Social Media Advertising and Google Ads are not the only effective marketing channel in our day and age, but they are the most cost-efficient marketing channel.

If your organization is not taking advantage of this powerful and cost-efficient marketing channel, you will end up regretting it.However, many organizations have become frustrated with their social media not working. If this is the case, chances are you are not spending the right way. Welcomemat can help you with that with our strategic social media management and ads.

10. Many organizations are spending too much money on television ads and other overpriced forms of marketing.

However, traditional marketing channels still remain crucial parts of every company’s omnichannel approach, when done correctly and cost-efficiently. Welcomemat’s data-driven new mover marketing program is a very cost-effective way to increase in-store sales and receive proprietary ROI-tracking reports that can be used in many ways, such as custom social media builds. See what other business owners are saying!

While these are our Top 10 Marketing Tips from IFA, there is still plenty of knowledge that was passed along that does not live in this recap. Sample any session from the IFA conference here.