Top 5 tips to market your local Restaurant

By Max Patel, December 7, 2016.

Every now and then trends change, brand likeability shifts, and your industry experiences a sudden change in consumer preference.

If you don’t keep pace with the latest trends, chances are high that your business will eventually fade into the overflowing competitive marketplace.

At Welcomemat, we understand how important your business is to you. We know that, while running hundreds of daily errands to manage your restaurant, there’s always one thing at the forefront of your thoughts.

How do you stay ahead of the competition?

The Welcomemat program helps local businesses like yours connect with new movers in their neighborhood through a unique new mover marketing initiative that introduces your local restaurant to thousands of new families and individuals moving into your neighborhood every month. By doing this, we give you a chance to make them your loyal customers before anyone else does.

Watch a quick video to see how other restaurants have benefitted from using this program or Chat with us to learn insights about your neighborhood and how you can introduce yourself to these new movers.

Below are the top five trends you should pay attention to this season as told by major restaurant magazines and industry experts.


Keep it social

Food is one of the most social product experiences available, and your customers are eager to flaunt and share their experiences with friends. To tickle your customers’ social senses, many brands are going in for a social-only promotion or contest on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. For example, Shake Shack was recently nominated for its “Burger-in-Hand” selfie campaign.

Activities like these provide a fun and social customer experience for your visitors (both online and off); and, better yet, they maximize on your brand’s visibility and acceptance!


Become a part of the hot and spicy niche

The trend masters are giving a high rating to increasingly popular hot and spicy flavors. Even though adding this flavor to your menu might only attract a niche customer base, it is still one of the most sought-after trends in today’s restaurant scene.


Inspire a category

Restaurant chains across the country are adapting to a customer base whose needs and desires evolve daily. This new generation of customers loves to try ethnically diverse, vivid, and unique new flavors. For this reason, it is no longer unheard-of for an Italian restaurant to have a Mexican-inspired section of their menu!


Convenience replaces quality

Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed believes that, in today’s market, easy beats better. His statement may be surprising at first, but it makes sense when you consider that today’s customers are always on the run. This is why many successful restaurants are focusing more on trends like faster delivery options, easy ordering, and third party partnerships to advertise the quick service that appeals to modern customers.  The more convenient it is to access your product, the easier it will be to attract (and keep) new customers.


Simple and direct naming

If you walk down just about any restaurant strip filled with locally owned and operated restaurants—whether you’re in Chicago or New York—you’ll notice that most of their names are simple and to the point. Names like Lance’s Home-Cooked Chicken or Chicago Chicken Salad are popular choices.

This is no coincidence, nor is it due to a lack of ingenuity. On the contrary: brands are adapting restaurant names, menu styles, and product offerings to reflect a simple but effective name. These names tell the customer exactly what to expect so the brand can deliver on its promises.


We at Welcomemat Services understand just how important your business is to you. While you juggle the myriad of everyday tasks necessary to keep your business running smoothly, we know that you know that it’s equally important to give your sales and marketing a push.

Welcomemat helps your business with new mover marketing and introduces you to thousands of new movers every month. New movers who have just moved into your neighborhood are eager to find their new favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. Become their favorite restaurant before somebody else does.

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