Trouble recruiting staff for your restaurant? Here are 6 sure-fire tips to help you

Team Archives, June 28, 2016.

While dealing with every day’s business checklist of important matters relating to administration, hr, training, marketing & profit, a restauranteur has one more thing that tops his mind.

How to successfully build a recruiting strategy for your business?

Staffing is difficult. As a local business owner, you yourself are passionate and your goal is to find staff who are as passionate and attentive to detail as you are.

Below is a 6 step checklist to follow for hiring the right way:

 1. Define your job description criteria with what you need

Have you put enough thought behind the job requirements and created the right job description to attract talent? Determine clearly what your business needs from this role and match that to the job requirements rather than following industry profile and description standards for recruiting.

 2. Keep the interview directed towards the posted job

Do initial interviews or phone screens and then shortlist from that. When you have finally shortlisted candidates for personal interviews, it is important you stick to the mentioned job details & what you expect out of the role. Does the candidate have the necessary attention to detail if it is an operational position. Do they have confidence if it is a “front of the house” position.

 3. Conducting background checks

It is always useful to conduct background checks on your selected candidates before hiring. This is a great way to learn more on how they had impacted the organization in their previous role & how far can you expect them to perform.

 4. Get your spy glasses out during networking

Always connect with culinary people at different establishments around your area. Chamber events, food shows, and other association events will allow you to broaden your network to gain access to talent through networking.

 5. Internal hire or promote your current staff

Your current employees are up to the new challenge and know about the business structure & requirements much more than any new hire.  Assuming they have the proper skill set, they can sometimes be ideal candidates for a new role that has opened up in your organization.

 6. Hire for passion & attitude

Attitude is the number one thing to look for. Attitude over skill – as skill can be taught. It is proven that it is much easier to work with someone with the right attitude for your business rather than someone who just had the right set of skills. Hiring someone with passion for your business can result in long term retention of staff.

Welcomemat Services works with hundreds-and-hundreds of local restaurants all over the country. We understand that running a restaurant can be difficult and that human resource issues are a common struggle for all owners.

It is our commitment to get you top trending tips for managing your business effectively. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help grow your business grow with our unique program that introduces your business to new movers in your neighborhood & gives you an opportunity to make a lifelong loyal customer.