Grow Your Local Business

4 Ways to Effectively Grow Your Local Business in 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to explore new small business marketing opportunities to grow your local business in the New Year.

Here are a handful of effective local marketing ideas for business owners to consider when planning for 2019:

1. Budget for the New Year

Budgeting seems to be a daunting task for small business owners, mainly because most have no idea where to begin. It’s critical that your business has a budget in place going into a new year. Budgeting allows you to prepare financially for what’s to come in the next year, eliminating unnecessary spending for increased profit. When budgeting is done correctly, it can provide a sense of relief, allowing you to focus on other things that are important to business growth.

When creating a budget, it is important to maintain the right mindset- view the budget as a positive move rather than a hurdle. One way to jumpstart the process is to use financial results from past years to determine your budget for the new year.

Budgeting is a very effective way for you to maintain a positive bottom line and permit you to spend money in areas where your business may be lacking, such as marketing. Local business owners should allocate money ahead of time for great local marketing options that will actually bring in more customers. Welcomemat Services‘ data-driven marketing programs have offered turnkey marketing solutions to local businesses for the past 15 years. Take the steps necessary ahead of time to plan for next year’s budget – you will be glad you did.

2. Partner with Your Community

Another way to grow your local business in 2019 is to partner with your community. As a small business owner, you are a fundamental part of your own local community. You have the unique opportunity to support your community while having your community support you in return. View that as a leg up over big box retailers and use it to your advantage!

Participate in local events to become more involved in your community. Rent a booth and exhibit at a local festival or simply attend. By doing either you will bring more attention to your brand and establish new connections with friends and neighbors. Don’t forget to take some pictures at the event to post on social media for increased reach and likes on your business’ social pages.

Another way to partner with your community is to host a charity night featuring a great local charity and promote that on social media to tap into another audience that you may not have reached before. Share your support with stickers highlighting your chosen charity on your front door.

Whether you and your team volunteer at an event or host a community involvement event yourself, set aside time to identify and uplift those around you and celebrate your wonderful community in 2019!

3. Invest in Employee Development

When looking at areas for improvement for 2019, employee development should be toward the top of your list. You want to make a good impression with new and existing customers. This begins with the first interaction customers make with your business – your employees.

When budgeting and planning for 2019, invest time and money into continued employee development. Investing in development for your employees will lead to more highly-skilled employees, which in turn will produce higher satisfaction and productivity, ultimately improving your business’ bottom line.

“Stay” interviews and performance evaluations are two concepts to consider when implementing an employee development plan in 2019. A stay interview gives you an opportunity to ask employees why they are staying with you, allowing you to identify areas of improvement within your company. Performance evaluations are viewed as intimidating, but they shouldn’t be. Use them to address concerns with an employee before they spiral out of control, as well as to commend employees for their achievements and growth.

4. Utilize an Omnichannel Marketing Agency

Marketing can be a tangled web that local business owners simply don’t know how to navigate (or have the time for). Should you be posting on Facebook or Instagram? Should you be doing direct mail marketing? What about SEO? With all of these options available, it’s exponentially more effective for local businesses to employ one marketing agency to handle all of this on their behalf.

Welcomemat Services offers direct mail, social media, email and reputation management marketing solutions to local businesses. Hiring one agency to cover all marketing efforts will provide one point of contact that is able to create an efficient local marketing plan for your business.

Welcomemat specializes in helping local businesses like yours build the right marketing plans to drive new customers and increase customer retention.

Learn more about our services, which include our new mover program, direct mail marketing options, and local digital marketing services.