Welcomemat Services returns to area with first franchise in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – March 18, 2016 – Welcomemat Services – a leading marketing strategies and technology company specializing in helping businesses turn new movers into loyal customers – has opened its first franchise in Charlotte.

The opening of Welcomemat Services of Charlotte marks the company’s 59th location in the nation. The Charlotte franchise covers the entire Charlotte metro area including (but not limited to): South End, SouthPark, Montford Drive, Plaza-Midwood, Uptown Charlotte, Cotswold, Dilworth and Myers Park. Its territory spans from Matthews and Ballantyne to Birkdale Village.

While Welcomemat Services was founded in Charlotte in 2003 and has since relocated to Atlanta, this marks its first franchise in Charlotte. Welcomemat Services of Charlotte is owned and run by Erin Hunter who is no stranger to Welcomemat Services. She worked in marketing and sales for Welcomemat from 2006-2008 and was most recently at Aramark.

“After seeing firsthand how Welcomemat Services started and where they grew, I’m excited to be back with this company in an ownership role and to be part of its continued growth,” says Hunter, who recently won the company’s “Innovation Award” for her social media strategy and “Welcomemat Weekly Events” promotional program. “The technology aspect of Welcomemat is incredible and the all-encompassing program is a more full-circle approach for small businesses.”

Welcomemat Services of Charlotte is dedicated to serving the local community by connecting both new movers – families and individuals new to the area – and area businesses. The Welcomemat program assists new families in their transition, introducing them – through a gift certificate package – to local businesses ranging from restaurants, salons, medical practices and car washes to auto service centers. Using Welcomemat’s patented technology with new mover information bar-coded into every invitation, a business can generate new revenue and simultaneously cultivate the community around them.

Adds Hunter, “As a Charlotte native, I believe it’s important to grow the small business owner community by buying, shopping, eating and drinking local. I look forward to helping make that happen for area businesses by connecting them with new residents.”

For more information, visit https://welcomematservices.com/stores/charlotte or contact Erin Hunter at 704-907-6246 or at ehunter@welcomematservices.com.

About Welcomemat Services:

Founded in 2003 by a team of experienced sales and software professionals, Welcomemat Services provides local businesses access to new loyal customers in their local communities through a combined digital and print marketing program. Welcomemat Services uses specialized, patented technology to store and log customer demographics for use by the local companies it supports. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Welcomemat Services has 59 franchisees in over 22 states. For more information, visit www.welcomematservices.com.


Erin Hunter

Welcomemat Services of Charlotte – 704-907-6246