Welcomemat Conference Recap

Key takeaways from the Welcomemat Annual Conference on local business growth and ownership in the direct mail and local marketing space.

In February, Welcomemat Franchisees from across the country came together at the 2018 Annual Welcomemat Conference for two days of inspiration, education and collaboration. The conference was jam-packed with key note speakers, training sessions, collaborative peer led panels, and fun team building activities that sparked extra energy and enthusiasm across the room. As a company focused on providing great local marketing in neighborhoods across the country, it’s important to gather as a group and discuss tactics to help our local communities thrive.

The theme of this year’s event focused on ways that Welcomemat Representatives can own, grow, and flourish in their local communities. What does that mean? Well, for Welcomemat Franchisees, that means continuously fine tuning and establishing new ways to connect local businesses to new customers in their local communities.

“Ownership can change the perspective and when it’s coupled with growth, you can really flourish whether it’s in your business or in your position.” – Brian Mattingly, CEO at Welcomemat Services.


During the keynote session Mattingly proposed the question, “Are you owning or are you renting?” He used an analogy comparing a homeowner to a business owner. A homeowner puts in the work to improve and maintain the home. A renter on the other hand, doesn’t take ownership –they don’t take the necessary steps to increase the value of their home year-by year.  Just like a homeowner cares for a house, a business owner should practice the same values with their business.

The power of this message is that it translates beyond the Welcomemat Franchisees themselves and carries over into the Welcomemat business purpose – to grow the local community by equipping business owners with the tools they need to gain new customers, keep them engaged, and understand the ROI of their direct marketing efforts.  As the team jumps back into the grind of business they will carry this message to their local communities and the business owners they work with every day. Is your business ready to own, grow, and flourish with Welcomemat’s help? Learn more!

Welcomemat Annual Conference 2018 Collage