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Welcomemat Announces EDDM at 2019 Annual Summit

As marketing strategies evolve, so does Welcomemat Services!

Last week, Welcomemat held its second annual Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. With franchisees spread across the country, our company values the time we spend together collaborating on business ideas.

The Welcomemat team dove into brainstorming sessions and interactive activities to discuss the new and existing marketing tools our company offers. The year’s event focused on innovation and Welcomemat’s mission to help local businesses thrive.

The Summit prepared our team for new product launches and upcoming marketing tools that are rolling out in 2020.

Local Marketing Landscape & Where Welcomemat Products Fit

Direct mail is still a relevant marketing tactic despite the growth of technology and social media platforms. Welcomemat continues to infuse its products with new technology to help connect small businesses with consumers in their communities.

CEO Brian Mattingly announced Welcomemat’s new product provided by USPS®, Every Door Direct Mail ® (EDDM). This new direct mail marketing strategy allows clients to reach potential customers by choosing every door on specific mail routes.

EDDM allows clients to promote their business by filtering the age, income level, or household size of the recipients. Clients can select businesses or residences on a carrier route.

EDDM is similar to Welcomemat’s Perfect Match Postcard Program, but it does not target specific consumers. Our Perfect Match Postcard Program is personalized and highly segmented using 15+ years of proprietary data.

Here at Welcomemat, you won’t have to waste money or resources trying to reach the right people. Mattingly expressed that the key to success is being thoughtful when helping clients decide which products to use. Every business has different goals and needs, so being attentive is important.

Enhancing Existing Marketing Tools as We Move Into 2020

Mattingly announced enhancements to Welcomemat’s existing products in the tech space, including Informed Delivery and new software developments in 2020.

Informed Delivery adds a digital touch to our tried-and-true New Mover Marketing Program. According to the USPS®, there are over 15.5 million registered Informed Delivery users and this number is growing at a rate of around 166,000 new sign-ups per week.

Welcomemat’s personalized landing page is available for all recipients of our New Mover marketing package to see. New movers will get a preview of the nice welcome gifts they are about to receive. Having a way to view this digitally as well in a direct mail piece will make them feel even more at home in their new community. This will further drive consumer response and new customer loyalty at no additional cost for our clients.

In a recent survey, USPS® found that 93% of Informed Delivery users would recommend it to friends, family or colleagues. Data shows that the Informed Delivery trend will continue upward, and we are excited for our clients to see even more customer redemptions with this additional digital touch!

Planning with a Purpose

We heard from multiple members of our team during a collaborative peer panel led by franchisees. The group bounced ideas off one another to become more effective with time management. The Summit concluded with a review workshop and Q&A session.

Welcomemat looks forward to continuing to lead the charge in helping local businesses grow with our advanced marketing innovation strategies.

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