Welcomemat franchisee commits to helping local business owners in Rochester

North Detroit franchise owner Michael Sare was recently featured in the Rochester Gazette talking about his plans for helping local business owners in Rochester and surrounding neighborhoods.

ARTICLE RECAP: Michael Sare has more than 10 years in sales management and business development. He decided to take his skills that he acquired and apply those to helping the locally-owned businesses of Rochester and Rochester Hills.

According to the Rochester Gazette, Sare’s decision to branch out on his own was not a light one. He has a degree in information systems and IT Engineering but after working behind a computer screen he was presented an opportunity to work in sales management. 

“I really enjoyed talking with customers, solving customer problems and engaging with them,” Sare said. “Because I was working my way from technology to customer facing, I knew I was gaining the skills to go off on my own.”

Sare plans on utilizing the background he has in technology and sales, as well, community organizing to launch Welcomemat Services in the area and feels his background is a key to the success of Welcomemat Services.