Current in Westfield features Welcomemat Services & Sheryl Eickman

Five times in a row is no beginners luck. This was proved by Sheryl Eickman, the Welcomemat franchise owner from West Indianapolis who has been recognized as Franchisee of the Year with Welcomemat Services for the fifth year in a row.

Sheryl who herself is from Westfield believes that her neighborhood itself is a great package for small businesses. With famous local businesses like Jan’s Pizza, Bash Boutique, Esler’s Auto Repair, Grand Style Station, Ericka’s and many more, it is not a unlikely that new movers to the neighborhood can easily connect to these local businesses.

Businesses pay a small fee for being a part of Welcomemat’s welcome package that goes to recent new movers to the neighborhood with a welcome gift from top nearby businesses. She receives a list of all the new families that have moved in her area and then makes sure she welcome’s them with Welcomemat Services and their “Welcome to the neighborhood” package.

She has partnered with many famous local businesses including Jan’s Pizza to help the new mover settle in the new neighborhood. Her clients love her and believe she does a fabulous job by making new movers and businesses feel comfortable in the local community.

Read more about what her clients had to say about her and why she was rightly chosen a Welcomemat’s franchisee of the year for the fifth time running.

Welcomemat helps your businesses with new mover marketing and introduces you to thousands of new movers every month. New movers who have just moved into your neighborhood and eking to make a favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. Become their favorite restaurant before somebody else does.

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